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Fractal Design Meshify C Review – A Diamond with Good Value for Money

Who knows the cases of the Swedish manufacturer Fractal Design, knows that these come in a rather simple design and with always useful and meaningful functions. This gives rise to the assumption that Fractal places a higher value on functions than on design. In our opinion, this concept is also quite desirable, because what is there to do with a stylish case, which in the end does not serve its purpose well? In addition, the minimalist design of most Fractal cases definitely hits a nerve with PC builders who prefer it simple and simple.

The Fractal Design Meshify C is the bridge between design and functionality and is the first midi tower of a new series. In addition to functions that make sense and are well thought-out, it offers a large side window made of tempered glass and a unique front panel made of mesh that not only lets a lot of air into the housing, but also optically breaks new ground with a 3D diamond design. In this test you will find out whether this compact housing with glass window and modern front is convincing.

Scope of Delivery

The Fractal Design Meshify C arrives safely packed and comes with numerous accessories, some of which are obligatory and some useful. In addition to black lacquered screws for the mainboard, power supply and drives, the scope of delivery includes instructions for the various assembly steps, six practical cable ties for arranging the cables and a microfiber cloth for removing fingerprints from the hard glass side window. It is interesting to note that the very dark tempered glass window is not particularly sensitive to fingerprints. Nevertheless, someone has thought along here and enclosed a suitable cloth for the case of the cases.

Dust filters are of course also on board, but they are already installed in the ground and in the front. It would have been desirable to have a separate, closed panel next to the mesh magnet grid on the lid, so that this opening could be completely closed. This technology is known as “ModuVent” from the previous Fractal Design housings. This would certainly have improved the insulating qualities of the housing even further.

Technical Data

Product name Fractal Design Meshify C
Material Metal, plastic, glass
No. of PCI slots 7
Front connections Audio, Microphone, 2x USB 3.0
Memory components 2x 3.5 / 2.5 inch
3x 2.5 inch
Fan options
  • Front side: 2x 140 mm, 3x 120 mm (1x 120 mm pre-installed)
  • Rear side: 1x 120 mm (1x 120 mm pre-installed)
  • top: 2x 120 mm / 140 mm
  • bottom: 1x 120 mm
Dimensions 395 x 217 x 440 mm (length x width x height)
Mainboard sizes ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Maximum component sizes
  • graphics card: 315 mm
  • CPU cooler: 172 mm
  • Power supply: 175 mm
Accessories instruction, cable ties, mainboard standoffs, mainboard screws, drive screws, power supply screws, microfiber cloth, dust filter
Price Product

Design & Workmanship

The two highlights of the Meshify C are without a doubt the side window made of tinted tempered glass and the front panel with integrated mesh grille. Equipped with a unique “triangular structure”, the front reminds of a polished diamond and at the same time creates a kind of 3D effect with depth effect. Very well done as we think and a welcome change to the otherwise absolutely clean fronts that many cases currently have. The “Fractal Design” logo has been applied to the bottom left of the panel and once again creates a high-quality and noble impression. In keeping with this, the case stands on four silver feet, which further enhance this impression.

The workmanship looks solid and absolutely typical for the Swedish manufacturer. So you can’t complain here and get clean quality for your money. The only downer is that the right side panel is made of steel and does not have any insulation. Unfortunately, this makes it look a bit thin, which was especially noticeable in our case due to annoying vibrations when the case stood on the desk and you wanted to write something on the keyboard. But after it changed place the noises and vibrations disappeared.

The tempered glass side window has a strong tint and only allows a view of the installed hardware with appropriate interior lighting, which one should consider when putting together a new system. However, we like this tint very much, as well as the fact that the window is mounted decoupled with four knurled screws and additionally has a kind of rubber coating on two sides to prevent vibrations.

The I/O panel is located at the top of the front edge of the housing and offers the usual standard connections. In addition to the square start button in the middle, the I/O connectors consist of a reset button on the far left, two 3.5 mm jack connectors for microphone and sound, and two type A USB 3.0 connectors. The USB ports don’t have the typical blue color, but are colored black in order to integrate better into the design of the case. A USB type C port would certainly not have been wrong at this point. However, considering the current prevalence of this standard and the price of the case, we can understand this decision.

Pre-installed dust filters are located on the Meshify C floor and in the front. The lower filter can easily be pulled out to the front, while the front filter can only be pulled out when the front cover is removed with a jerk. There would therefore still be a need for optimisation at this point. Nevertheless a dust filter is of course absolutely necessary here, because with a large airflow “a lot” of dust comes along in the long run, which is why we don’t want to miss the two dust filters.

Interior Structure & Space Available

When we look inside the Fractal Design Meshify C, we first get the impression that there is a lot familiar. The basic construction is the same as with the Define C. Why should you change this, when it has proved itself absolutely. The mainboard tray accommodates motherboards in ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX format and has been slightly raised on the right side so that cables can be routed directly to the rear without large detours and the cable management can generally be made easier. Most bushings are provided with rubber sleeves, so that the overall picture can be further improved after the hardware has been installed.

Under the continuous power supply cover is not only the optional power supply, but also two modular data carrier carriages, each of which can accommodate either a 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive. Three additional 2.5″ data carriers can be mounted directly above the recess in the mainboard tray using a long bracket. Two 140 mm fans or three 120 mm fans can be installed in the front for proper air cooling. In addition, the back and base each accommodate a maximum of one 120 mm fan, while the lid can accommodate two 120 mm or 140 mm fans. The Meshify C comes pre-installed with a 120mm fan in the front and one on the back. Good airflow is therefore guaranteed from the start. However, those who rely on liquid cooling can install a 280 or 360 radiator in the front. The back side can hold a 120 radiator and the lid a 240 radiator, whereby you have to make sure that the installed hardware is not too high. It could get tight in here very quickly.

The space available in the Fractal Design Meshify C is therefore more than satisfactory with regard to installable fans and data carriers. Especially if you consider the compact dimensions of 395 x 217 x 440 mm (length x width x height), which make the case smaller on the outside than some Micro-ATX cases. Of course there is also enough space for important main components, which is why graphics cards up to 31.5 cm long, CPU coolers up to 17.2 cm high and an ATX power supply up to 17.5 m deep can be installed. The interior also has a very good workmanship quality, sharp edges or defects you can’t find here.


The conclusion to the Meshify C is quite positive, because once again a Fractal Design case could convince us of its qualities. The proven interior was modernized with a chic side window made of tinted tempered glass and a mesh front with 3D diamond optics and we like it very much. The result is an elegant and at the same time stylish look that is currently second to none.

Such a compact housing offers numerous possibilities for air or water cooling and there is also enough space for lavish gaming hardware. The quality of the workmanship is typically very good and at a price of Product the Meshify C can only be recommended.

Fractal Design Meshify C

Value for Money


The Fractal Design Meshify C convinced us of its qualities and leaves a lasting impression with its tinted tempered glass side window and mesh front in a 3D diamond look.

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