CES 2021: Does Razer show the future of gaming with Project Brooklyn?

Razer dropped a real bombshell at this year’s CES with Project Brooklyn. The popular US manufacturer of gaming products showed a future project that could make many gamers’ hearts beat faster. Roughly summarized, it is a gaming chair that combines everything you need for home gaming. The highlight is undoubtedly a curved, rollable OLED screen that is supposed to measure an impressive 60 inches.

At first glance, a completely normal gaming chair

Once you take a look at Razer’s Project Brooklyn, you first catch sight of a classic gaming chair. It’s only when you press a button that the impressive innovation the company is planning here becomes clear. In a matter of seconds, the ordinary gaming chair turns into a real gaming station. The centerpiece is the OLED screen, which Razer hides on the back of the gaming chair. When you press the corresponding button, it is extended. A curved OLED screen, which measures 60 inches, unfolds.

The combination of sheer size and the curved design should create an extremely large immersion for the player himself. However, not only console gamers should be able to benefit from this impressive “in the middle” feeling. Razer also installs a table next to the display, which offers space for the mouse and keyboard. This is in turn hidden in the chair’s armrests. With this, Razer clearly shows a possible future of gaming. After all, larger and larger TVs and monitors meet smaller and smaller living spaces. With a gaming station hidden inside a chair, you can use a huge gaming setup even in the smallest of spaces.

Integrated vibration motors for more immersion

Razer wouldn’t be Razer if they didn’t pay strong attention to visual accentuation in their Project Brooklyn. Accordingly, the future project comes in the in-house RGB lighting Razer Chroma. The manufacturer installs the lights on the chair’s seat and base. In order to prevent too much weight, Razer has thought through the choice of materials. Among other things, the seat shell of the chair is supposed to be made of light and robust carbon fiber. Tactile feedback is also an issue with the futuristic gaming chair.

Razer wants to install several vibration motors that are supposed to deliver direct feedbacks to the player via its own HyperSense technology. This should probably make the immersion perfect. HyperSense is not a novelty. The company already presented this special technology at CES 2019. Game developers should have the option to adapt the vibrations to their game. We already know this from Razer Chroma. Those who are not a fan of too much vibration should of course be able to turn off the effect without any problems. Razer has also thought about the cable management. Thus, the company wants to install appropriate cable tubes in the massive stand.

Concept that should serve the flow of ideas

As is often the case with concepts, Project Brooklyn will probably be more of an exciting dream than an imminent reality. But concepts often serve to generate ideas for other products. Razer itself says that they definitely want to continue working on Project Brooklyn. The next step is supposed to be an extensive involvement of e-sportsmen. Above all, the user-friendliness of the mobile gaming station is to be put under the microscope. Razer certainly hopes to gain general insights into the gaming chair product group by working on Project Brooklyn. We are nevertheless curious whether Project Brooklyn will be implemented at some point or whether the convertible gaming chair will only be part of a science fiction movie.

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