Cooler Master: 2-in-1 case MasterFrame MF700 presented

Cooler Master has a new gem on offer for PC hobbyists. The MasterFrame MF700 is a showcase PC that will primarily appeal to individualists. Conveniently, the new addition to the product lineup of the leading manufacturer of innovative gaming peripherals and computer components can be used either as a showcase PC or as a professional test benchtable.

Not for Beginners

While other case manufacturers are increasingly focusing on all-round solutions that are becoming more and more accessible, Cooler Master’s new MasterFrame 700 is clearly aimed at ambitious and experienced PC hobbyists. Those who like to tinker with their own setup should find this a must-have. The new case shines with a lot of features for free spirits. You can use the MF 700 not only for testing individual water cooling circuits. On top of that, you can test powerful hardware during operation. Last but not least, the visual appearance plays a major role here. Thanks to the large panorama glass window, you can present your installed components in an attractive way.

A big playground

Cooler Master offers the user two different modes with the MasterFrame 700. This is made possible by the design, which relies on a structure in three different parts. In addition to two side wings, the MF 700 also comes with a motherboard tray that offers full features. Thanks to special hinges, you should always be able to rely on the firm connection of the three parts.

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However, this maximum stability is by no means meant to come at the expense of mobility. This ensures that you should be able to conjure up many different PC setups from one case. Cooler Master emphasizes especially the possibility of being able to build individual water cooling setups.

One case – two modes

With the new MasterFrame 700, Cooler Master obviously wants to bring a genuine combination solution to the start. Thereby, one does not have to fear any complicated conversion work when transforming from an open-air PC case to a benchtable. The aforementioned side panels make it possible. These consist of modular wings, which can be opened or closed depending on their use. If you decide to use the “open-air mode”, you can put the MF 700 upright and use the panorama pane as a viewing window, which allows you to look inside. In order for pretty components to shine inside, a certain compatibility is required. And Cooler Master has obviously thought along here as well. Thus, almost all common PC hardware is compatible with the MF 700. Even larger-than-average components can be installed without any problems.

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The alternative to the open-air PC is the testbench mode. A conversion should not be a problem here. For this, the side wings can be folded down quickly and easily. Now even powerful components get enough air to avoid overheating. Especially friends of overclocked graphics cards will be happy about this. The wings serve another purpose apart from the “conversion”. Components can also be installed here. The installation of a triple fan radiator is possible per wing. Apart from cooling, they are also suitable for installing other accessories.

Price and availability

Ambitious PC hobbyists and those who want to become one should find the MasterFrame 700 from Cooler Master a really exciting solution. The innovative case will soon be available for purchase at an MSRP of 179.99 euros. More information is available on Cooler Master’s website.

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