Corona App: Google and Apple improve contact tracking

Since the release of the Corona-Warn-App there are regular problems. After the teething troubles of the important app were solved bit by bit, there was still one major problem: compatibility. Now Apple and Google have used a practical trick to increase the app’s compatibility. You no longer necessarily need the app.

Contact tracking via Bluetooth now in the operating system

Frequently the reason for the Corona warning app not working was that Bluetooth was switched off. Now Apple has adapted its iOS and Google its Android accordingly. Both have modified their operating system in such a way that contact tracking via Bluetooth has been integrated. This means that in the future no special app will be needed to make contact tracking possible. As Apple and Google announced yesterday, they have each further developed their Bluetooth interface accordingly. Of course, this further development does not make applications like the Corona-Warn-App impossible. These can still be used without any problems.

Special apps no longer necessary

The great advantage of the further development of Google and Apple is the fact that a special App a la Corona-Warn-App of the Robert Koch Institute is no longer necessary to track contacts. Corresponding health authorities now only need a configuration file in order to be able to determine corresponding risks. In this way, clusters can be effectively decoded in the future. Apple and Google are each taking a slightly different approach. While Apple has adjusted the operating system settings in iOS, Android generates its own app based on the collected data. However, the corresponding functions must first be explicitly activated in the settings.

Who takes care of the servers?

Of course, the updated operating systems will mean that more people will be involved in making contact tracking possible. However, an extremely large amount of data will be collected. Who will take care of the corresponding server operation for the data flow, however, is still unknown. Neither Google nor Apple have made any statement on this. However, it is clear that further cooperation with the health authorities is inevitable. After all, they have to check beforehand whether the uploading of the keys has really been approved. However, should there be any errors in the app from Android or in Apple’s operating system, both companies will be given access to eradicate them.

Thanks to the new interfaces of iOS and Android, the German Corona Warning App can probably also communicate with those of other countries.

Unlimited cooperation possible

One of the biggest criticisms by recognized virologists is that the Corona warning apps do not work across borders. This leads to questionable and uncertain results, especially in the current peak season. With the help of the update from Apple and Google this problem should be solved. For example, the technical experts at The Verge have reported that it should be possible to link operating systems or apps across state borders in the USA. This would be a real development. After all, corona warning apps from different countries could finally “communicate” with each other. Apple and Google are laying the foundation for this with their updates. Deutsche Telekom and SAP are currently working at full speed on a solution to ensure that a corona warning app also works across borders in Europe.

iOS 13.7 brings Apple’s new interface

Yesterday the latest software update for the iPhones was rolled out. This should bring corresponding innovations with itself. Android has again implemented the new interface via Google services. After all, unlike Apple, a software update here always depends on the manufacturer of the smartphone. Android users must therefore become active themselves. After all, it will certainly take some time until even the last Android smartphone receives the new interface via software update.

Demand for the Corona-Warn-App should increase

The updates from Google and Apple will certainly increase the download numbers of the Corona Warning App once again. According to the RKI, a total of about 17.8 million people have downloaded the app so far. Telekom is also noticing a comparatively high demand. After all, the network provider registers almost 14 million server accesses daily by users who download data from the Corona-Warn-App.

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