Coronavirus makes you creative: Ventilation with Raspberry Pi

The coronavirus requires creative approaches to solutions so that life-sustaining measures can be expanded, especially in medically undersupplied countries. With the Mascobot 2.0, the Californian robot engineer Marco Mascorro has now developed a device that could potentially save lives.

After a short development phase of only two months, a mature version of Mascobot 2.0 could be released in May 2020. This is a ventilator that is built with components from the automotive and plumbing industries and a Raspberry Pi with an Arduino as the control unit.

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In the Colombian capital Bogotá, the Mascobot 2.0 as per BBC is already being tested in two facilities. In the test runs, artificial lungs are tested for five days, after which animal experiments are continued. If all tests are successful, the ventilator could save lives as early as summer 2020.

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