Corsair Presents Three New Gaming Mice

Corsair presented three new gaming mice at CES, which are now available in stores. These are the models “Harpoon RGB Wireless”, “Ironclaw RGB” and “M65 RGB Elite”.

Harpoon RGB Wireless

This newly introduced mouse is based on the manufacturer’s Harpoon mouse, which has been available for a long time and is extremely popular. Unlike the Harpoon mouse, however, it is wireless. Corsair promises that the response time will not suffer from the omission of the cable, using a wireless technology called “slipstream”. Slipstream” transmits in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which is also the case with most other wireless technologies. However, this special technology should be able to transmit twice as many data packets as the technology previously used.

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In addition, “Intelligent Frequency Shift” is intended to provide a stable signal even at high network load. The range, however, is ten meters. If you prefer to use a wired mouse, you can use a USB cable. It is also possible to use the “Harpoon RGB Wireless” via Bluetooth.

The device, which is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery, weighs 99 grams and should be able to operate continuously for up to 60 hours. It also has an optical sensor with up to 10,000 DPI resolution, six programmable buttons and RGB lighting, which can be adjusted using the manufacturer’s iCUE software. The device costs 60 Euro.

Ironclaw RGB

The new gaming mouse “Ironclaw RGB” is aimed at a very special target group – gamers with big hands. If you have especially large hands, you will usually not be happy with conventional gaming mice. They are too small, do not lie correctly in the hand and lead so to frustration. Also the performances in the game suffer from too small mice. With the “Ironclaw RGB”, Corsair is now able to remedy this situation.

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In addition, it wants to convince with the PMW3391 sensor developed in cooperation with Pixart. This sensor can be gradually adjusted to DPI values between 1 and 18,000 DPI and can thus be adapted to the respective conditions. The mouse also features seven programmable buttons, dynamic RGB lighting in two zones and profile memory. Despite its striking size, it weighs only 105 grams. The mouse costs 60 euros.

M65 RGB Elite

The “M65 RGB Elite” is equipped with the Pixart sensor, which is also used in the Ironclaw RGB mouse. It also features an adjustable weight. The basic weight is 97 grams, a significant reduction compared to its predecessor, which weighed 115 grams. Thanks to the adjustable weight system, it can be increased in several stages up to 115 grams. The user remains flexible and can adapt the mouse to his wishes as well as to certain games and game situations. The mouse’s center of gravity can also be adjusted in this way.

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This mouse also has dynamic RGB lighting in two zones. It also features profile memory, Omron buttons with up to 50 million clicks and a sniper button to reduce mouse sensitivity. The price of this gaming mouse is 70 euros.

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