DeepL gets 13 additional languages for translations

The translation service DeepL now has 13 more languages in its repertoire, which means that translations can now be made into 24 different languages.

24 different languages

With the new expansion, the Cologne-based company DeepL now has a considerable 24 languages for its translation service. The innovations are available for the DeepL Pro subscription service and also for the free version. Previously, translations were possible into German, Polish, Dutch, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and Chinese. With the addition of 13 more languages, translations can now be made into Hungarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Finnish, Danish, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Greek, Latvian, Swedish and Slovak.

The translation tool from DeepL has now been around for more than three years. Due to the good performance of the translations, it was able to score points right from the beginning. It has been constantly developed and the translations have been improved again and again.

The glossary function in DeepL also makes it possible to adapt the translations to the respective fields of expertise. For this purpose, the tool also offers to use other translations than the suggested one for certain terms. This is then used with each translation in the text.

Program for Mac and Windows

DeepL is not only available as an online translation tool, but also as a program for macOS and Windows. The program makes translations even easier. If a text is marked, no matter whether on a page or in the writing program, with the control by the keyboard this can be translated directly. The text can then also be easily copied back from the program via the clipboard, which makes the work much easier. In addition, the program of DeepL also has a command with which the translated text can be transferred directly back into the software of the original text.

PowerPoint presentations or Word files can also be translated completely, practically, the formatting is preserved as much as possible. Therefore, few adjustments are necessary to continue working with the translated text.

Features of the free version

In the free version of DeepL, of course, not quite as many options are given as in the paid version. The number of characters for translations is limited here to 5,000, as is the number of characters when translating entire documents. In addition, the editing options are limited and the glossary function is limited to 10 entries.

Features of the paid versions

To soften the limits of the free version somewhat, up to five complete documents per month can be translated with the DeepL Starter package. In addition, the character limit for the translations is then also omitted and the glossary also has an unlimited number of entries. For 8.99 euros per person per month, or 5.99 euros per month if paid annually, text files can also be translated directly.

Apart from the Starter package, there are also the Advanced and Ultimate packages from DeepL. With the Advanced package of DeepL one has several glossaries at the disposal and it can be translated up to 20 documents per month completely. DeepL can then also be directly integrated into typical CAT tools. The cost of the Advanced version is 29.99 euros per month or 19.99 euros per year. The Ultimate version, on the other hand, can translate up to 100 documents per month. The cost is 39.99 euros for annual payment and 59.99 euros for monthly payment.

To use the translation function in your own programs, you can purchase the DeepL API for an additional 4.99 euros.

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