Expensive storage: SSD with 100 TB

With the Data ExaDrive DC100 from Nimbus, an SSD with the proud storage capacity of 100 TB has been on the market for some time. However, the corresponding prices have only been available on request – and not without reason. After all, the 3.5 inch SSDs are outrageously expensive.

Available since two years

The giant SSD from Nimbus has been available for just over two years. However, it has always been under the radar. This may not least be due to the utopian prices for the storage medium. While the prices were previously only available on request, the manufacturer now publishes its price list publicly. However, it is doubtful whether a “normal consumer” can really afford the prices published in it.

50 TB for the price of a small car

For the version with a storage capacity of 50 TB, the buyer has to pay the impressive sum of 12,500 USD. Those who need twice as much storage do not pay twice the purchase price. For the Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100, the manufacturer is calling for a purchase price of 40,000 USD. Whether one shouldn’t then rather buy 100 individual SSDs is questionable.

For a SSD very large

The form factor of the SSD from Nimbus Data initially confuses the consumer. After all, SSDs usually come on the market in a size of 2.5 inches. However, the amount of storage space is probably also responsible for an increase in size. Accordingly, Nimbus Data will probably not be able to avoid a size of 3.5 inches.

The performance

It would be disappointing if the buyer would not be offered more than a lot of storage space when buying such an expensive hard disk. The premium hard disks offer a reading speed of up to 500 MB/s. On the read speed side, there are also a proud 460 MB/s. Also the lifespan of the hard disks reads very well, at least on the data sheet. For example, Nimbus Data promises that the SSDs will be able to provide around 2.5 million hours of active service.

For whom suitable?

If you take a look into the past, the low prices of today’s USB sticks alone will show you how quickly prices change in the storage media segment. It is therefore questionable whether every normal consumer with an averagely large wallet should put so much money on the table for the storage solution from Nimbus Data. It would certainly be smarter to rely on several smaller SSDs. So if you can wait a little longer, you will certainly get such capacities at a more affordable price in a few years.

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