Galax Hall of Fame Extreme SSD with high data rate presented

The company Galax (formerly Galaxy) has introduced the HOF Extreme, a new SSD equipped with the new Phison controller E18 and offering a record data rate of 7 GB per second via PCIe 4.0 x4.

The Galax HOF Extreme SSD works with a reading speed of up to 7 GB per second and can write with a maximum of 6.85 GB per second. The manufacturer Phison makes a reference platform available to SSD manufacturers, which covers further components beside the controller.

As an Asian report writes, the Galax HOF Extreme SSD should work with TLC-3D-NAND and users should be able to choose between 1, 2 and 4 TB. According to the pictures the heatsink is obviously made of aluminum and offers a high gloss finish including the HOF logo (Hall of Fame).

In Asian countries, the Galax HOF Extreme SSD is expected to be launched in the foreseeable future with Phison E18. The connection to the computer takes place via M.2 port on the mainboard the PC.

To the prices are still no information admits and whether the Galax HOF Extreme appears in this country, is completely unclear.

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