GeForce RTX 3000 shall receive power supply with 12 pins

As Seasonic has confirmed, the GeForce RTX 3000 is to be equipped with a 12-pin power connector. This would be nothing less than a revolution within the graphics card family of the manufacturer Nvidia. One set with the GeForce nevertheless so far on plugs with six or eight pins.

Seasonic produces new cable harnesses

How does the rumor about the new power connection come up anyway? The reason is probably the power supply manufacturer Seasonic. Due to the new cable harnesses from Seasonic, industry experts are now speculating about the revised power connections for Nvidia’s upcoming graphics card. These already have a suitable accessory. In particular, this is the “Nvidia 12 Pin PCIe Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector”. This is supposed to be able to connect an eight-pin connector with a 12-pin connector. However, this can only be used with the special models from Seasonic.

Satisfactory because trend-setting step

The news from Seasonic will let some Nvidia fans breathe a sigh of relief. After all, many feared that the manufacturer would again rely on the now obsolete connectors with 8 or 6 pins. These connectors are simply no longer up to the demands of high-end graphics cards. So if Nvidia had used old-fashioned technology again, the graphics card manufacturer would not have been able to avoid a complicated cable construction. After all, the old cable harnesses can withstand a maximum of 150 watts. Here, a cable tangle inside would have been inevitable. Since the new GeForce will most likely have 300 watts under the hood, a 12-pin harness is definitely the better choice. A maximum of 430 watts should be possible here.

The colleagues from Hardwareluxx could already have a look at the accessories (source: Twitter)

Who gets the 12-pin version?

The revised version will probably only be available for special customers at first. Above all one can think here of the internal “Founders Edition” of the GeForce RTX 3000. For the majority of customers the version with 6 or 8 pins will still be available. This has quite simply practical reasons. After all, these two connectors are still standard at the moment. Nvidia will have to wait until the market reacts to the novelty. Appropriately, however, Seasonic offers the tailor-made accessories. Thanks to the adapter, the buyer does not need to buy a new power supply.

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