Google Maps: Soon With Speed Limit Indicator?

Google extends its map and navigation service “Maps” by another function. If the app is used for navigation, the current speed limits will be displayed in the future. This should be extremely helpful, especially in foreign cities. Google is on a par with most navigation devices, which have been displaying speed limits for years.

The practical app for navigation and route planning should become even more attractive with this new function. In addition, speed cameras will also be displayed on the maps in the future. The benefits of this should be obvious.

The new functions were discovered by users from the United States. Here Google seems to be testing the two new features across the country. They are not yet available in other countries. Whether and – if so – when this will be the case is not yet known.

As early as 2017, Google tested the display of speed limits in maps. At that time, however, only a very small group of people in geographically confined areas had access to the function.


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