Google’s Assistant with Ambient Mode

Google has added a new function to its assistant for some products: Ambient Mode adds a new Always-On mode that can also display information while loading.

With the new mode, the display of the respective one becomes a kind of smart display, as it is known from the nest hub. The display then shows information such as temperature, upcoming appointments, time, music, status of smart home devices, etc. The new mode also allows the display to be used as a smart display as known from the Nest Hub. In the style of an Always-On display, Ambient Mode is active both when the lock screen is on and during charging, allowing access to important functions of the device.

The new mode will first be available on the following devices: Smart Tab M8 HD from Lenovo, Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2. It is expected that more devices will be equipped with the new mode in the near future. When it will be usable in Germany is not yet known.

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