Grime 2: surreal sidescroller + key giveaway

At Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, we had an exciting conversation with Yonatan Tepperberg, Clover Bite’s Technical Artist, about the highly anticipated sequel to Grime, namely Grime 2. The first part of Grime already thrilled players with its fascinating surreal world and unique game mechanics. Grime 2, however, promises to take this experience to a whole new level.

By the way, you can watch the interview with Yonatan here and among all those who comment on an imaginative name for the opponent in 1:14, we will give away a total of 6 Steamkeys for the predecessor Grime 1.

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Graphics Level Design

One of the improvements in Grime 2 concerns the graphics. The developers have put enormous effort into creating an even more coherent and surreal world. Players will once again be immersed in an organic and interconnected environment that is very immersive. This world brings an even more interwoven and confused structure and holds a lot of partly bizarre secrets, including caves that make crying sounds and deserts with facial expressions.

Mechanics and AI

The AI of the enemies in Grime 2 has also undergone a comprehensive overhaul and improvement. While the enemies in Grime 1 were already real shockers, in the sequel they are literally born out of the world into the level itself, which leads to many more dynamic challenges and truly varied gameplay. Players are forced to consider constantly changing tactics and attack strategies and implement them at lightning speed. Defending, smashing and absorbing enemies to gain strength remains a central part of the gameplay and has been further refined.

Arsenal and Skills

In Grime 2, there is another fascinating element that will excite players. This is the concept of dynamic weapons that can be changed seamlessly and constantly transform during the course of a fight. From graceful claw swords to flexible centipede whips, the game offers an expanded range of weapons, allowing for different approaches. The skill development aspects have also been deepened, with players able to track and pick up challenging creatures to further develop their abilities and customise their characters in unique ways.

Fearsome bosses

The imposing enemies from the first part return in Grime 2 and offer players an even more impressive challenge. Players must prepare for formidable battles and adapt their tactical approaches to prevail against these colossal creatures. It is worth noting that overcoming these enemies not only affects the course of the battles, but also has a direct impact on the game mechanics. Players gain breakthrough abilities after defeating these titanic adversaries that transform the gameplay experience in unique ways.


Grime 2 promises overall to surpass all aspects of the first part. The visuals will be even more impressive, the world even more surreal, the challenge posed by the enemies’ AI even more demanding and the game mechanics will be even more intense. This promises an extraordinary experience for both long-time fans of the first part and newcomers. We look forward with anticipation to exploring the game in depth once it is finally released. Grime 2 will be available for PC and may also be available on current console systems.

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