Halo: Amazon’s first fitness tracker is coming

It is always amazing how wide Amazon is with time. In addition to many smart home devices and e-readers, the online trading giant now wants to enter the fitness market. With Amazon Halo, the company has announced the first in-house fitness tracker.

It should even be possible to analyze the body fat percentage with Amazon Halo.

Belt with subscription model

Amazon has announced not only the halo itself. The company would also like to offer an associated service. Similar to the upcoming Fitbit Premium (we reported), it is to be based on a subscription model. However, unlike the usual fitness trackers from Xiaomi or Fitbit, the new wristband does not have a display. It only serves to collect data. You can view the results in the corresponding app.

You can choose between three colors.

Voice recognition built-in

As befits a fitness tracker, Amazon Halo records your activities. The bracelet also records your sleep phases. But there is one special feature that distinguishes the tracker from the competition: voice recognition. Based on your voice, the tape gets another parameter to analyze how your day was. The connection between Amazon Halo and your smartphone is done via Bluetooth. It doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone or Android phone. The right app should come for both operating systems. Features include a waterproof wristband and a long-lasting battery. Amazon promises a runtime of one week.

Price and availability

Up to now, a purchase option for the Halo has only been reserved for certain people in the USA. Amazon sends out exclusive purchase invitations. Certainly the company would like to test how the tape is received by the customer first. For the ribbon itself there is a charge of 100 US dollars. There are three different colors to choose from. Those who choose the corresponding service will have to pay an additional 4 US dollars per month.

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