Ring launches drone for your own house

The Amazon subsidiary Ring, is launching a drone for indoor use. This is designed to independently monitor its own four walls and then send the recordings to the smartphone or tablet.


The “Always Home Cam” is recording in 1080p. It can be controlled via an app. Routes or approach points can also be defined in this app. Or you can simply let it fly automatically through the house. The drone has four motors and rotors protected all around. The rotors are in a dock while waiting, which is also the charging station of Ring’s “Always Home Cam”. The drone’s camera is located at the lower end of the drone. This is covered during charging, so that data protection laws are completely in order. The images of the drone can then be sent directly to the smartphone, also in real time or stored on the device. The user can thus see directly what is going on in his apartment or house. As soon as the battery is low, the drone returns to the charging station on its own. However, manual control of the drone is not intended.

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Unfortunately there is no information about the remaining technical details of the ring drone yet. What we do know is that the drone can be coupled with the ring alarm system. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the drone records. How the drone detects obstacles, Ring has not yet disclosed. The drone is already once not very quiet, the “Always Home Cam” will be audible, so that all inhabitants also know that the drone is there.

Availability and price

When the “Always Home Cam” will be available is unfortunately not yet known. Probably next year, as far as the statement of Ring. The drone has to be approved by the responsible authorities in America first. The drone will be priced at 249.99 US dollars. How much the drone will cost and whether it will be available from us is still unclear.

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