Ikea cooperates with Asus – 2021 will bring gaming furniture

Ikea and Asus have started a promising cooperation. The Swedish furniture store wants to take advantage of the expertise of the Taiwanese gaming expert to include customized gaming furniture in its product range.

Ikea expands own range

They would not be the first gaming furniture from Ikea. So the Swedes could already win many fans with their gaming chair named Markus. In the course of this the furniture store will have noticed that this is an exciting market segment. But the chair could not convince in every respect. So that Ikea will be able to offer even better furniture in the future, the company is counting on a cooperation with Asus. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) gaming department in particular is to support Ikea. This will not only result in one or two pieces of furniture, but an entire collection. All in all, it will be a series with 30 different products. A distribution of the furniture will start in China.

Furniture will also be shipped to Germany

But don’t worry – the pieces of furniture will also find their way into German Ikea stores. The furniture store has announced that it will probably be released in the fall of 2021, but unfortunately we don’t yet know exactly what kind of furniture will be released. The only thing that is clear from the public statement is the objective of the two companies. The intention is to offer furniture with great ergonomics at an affordable price. Both companies seem to have worked together at full speed. The pivotal point was the development center of the Swedish furniture store in Shanghai. Workshops were held there in which e-sports enthusiasts and real gaming fans were able to demonstrate the importance they attach to matching furniture.

Ikea celebrated its debut in the gaming furniture market segment with the gaming chair “Markus”.

All participating gamers should emphasize which features are important to them. In the end there were long lists that Ikea and Asus could use as a basis for product development. According to the Swedish furniture store, Asus played a creative role in the first place. The Taiwanese company seems to have fulfilled this role very well. After all, Ikea’s last collaboration with the Area Academy’s e-sports experts resulted in just one piece of furniture: the Gaming Chair Markus. However, since the demand from customers increased significantly, Ikea saw itself motivated to expand its product range. We’re already excited to see what will come out of the cooperation between Asus and Ikea. Let’s hope that the one year waiting period will pass quickly.

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