iOS 14: Users can set default apps for mail & browser

At the WWDC 2020, Apple presented the upcoming iOS version 14. However, an important innovation remained unmentioned, for which many have certainly been waiting for a long time: In the future, standard apps can be set. But there is a catch.

With iOS 14, which will be released in autumn and is currently only available as a beta for developers, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to set the standard application for e-mails and links in future. Until now, the Apple mail app always opened automatically for e-mails and the Safari browser for links. But there are many other great apps that are used instead. This could be Gmail or Outlook for email, or Chrome or Firefox for browsing. Of course you could use these apps before, but only with iOS 14 you can start them directly from other apps by clicking on the links.

Apple is thus taking an important step that Android users have known for a long time. But Apple does not go far enough. As said before: there is a catch. With iOS 14 Apple still restricts the whole thing to browsers and email apps. The standard apps for music or maps, for example, cannot yet be changed. It would be nice if you could choose Spotify or Google Maps as your standard apps instead.

There are of course several other categories that are not yet supported. Apple is taking a step in the right direction, but should definitely go further and not dictate the apps used to its users.

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