iOS 15: Apple’s devices get exciting new features

Apple presented some exciting innovations at this year’s WWDC. The focus was on the upcoming update to iOS 15. For example, the iPhone will be able to become a movie theater, ID card or even a house key in the future. We take a look at the upcoming innovations for the owners of an iOS device.

Facetime gets even better

Especially during the Corona pandemic, Apple’s in-house video telephony option has enjoyed great popularity. It is therefore hardly surprising that Facetime is to receive extensive improvements in the course of iOS 15. For example, the service will also support spatial audio in the future. The sound is reproduced realistically and gives the user the feeling of a “real” analog dialog. Any background noise around one of the participants is to be reliably suppressed with the help of the new voice isolation function.

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So if the roommate in the background should clean the apartment with the vacuum cleaner, this should be reliably filtered out in the future with the support of Machine Learning. The integration of the bokeh mode known from the camera app also sounds practical. It can be used to focus only on the conversation partner. This should also prove practical in the work environment.

Joint movie enjoyment in different places

Shared movie nights are, due to the pandemic, ages ago for most people. Accordingly, Apple implements the SharePlay feature with iOS 15. With its help, you can watch movies and series together and listen to music at the same time. Imagine watching a movie on Apple TV and seeing a small FaceTime window showing your buddy. This almost feels like a normal movie night again and should be a handy feature even without Pandemic.

New features in the Photos app

There is said to be an entirely new section in the Photos app as part of the update. This is to go by the name “Shared with you” and shows you content that friends have shared with you. What applies to photos also applies to music and messages. However, the “Shared with you” area is displayed in the music and news apps. Another new feature is the “For you” section in the Photos app. Here you are offered extended reviews, which are supplemented by matching music tracks from the Apple Music app.

Notifications are combined

The sometimes confusing pile of notifications should also be passé in iOS 15. The practical summary of incoming notifications makes it possible. If you receive several messages from one person, they will be displayed together under the corresponding contact icon. The larger display of the app icon should also make it easier for you to see what kind of notification it is.

Image: Apple

The summary of multiple notifications iOS 15 wants to target. Messages from contacts are treated more preferentially than unimportant news from other apps. The latter are more likely to be stacked. The Do Not Disturb mode is also supposed to offer a few more detailed setting options in the firmware update. For example, it should be possible to deactivate all notifications. For a weekend under the sign of digital detox, this is probably a practical option.

Notifications at specific times

With the help of the so-called focus mode, you can define with iOS 15 when a notification should be able to arrive and when not. According to the name, you thus ensure that you can not be distracted by your iPhone for a certain time. This should prove to be extremely practical, especially during working hours. Not only blocked times, but also preferred contacts can be defined here. For example, you can set that only notifications from your work colleagues can arrive during your working hours.

iOS now recognizes text on photos

With the update, the operating system should also be able to read text from photos. In combination to the copy and paste function, you can thus ensure a nice workflow. This should also be practical in the area of phone numbers and addresses. Apple promises that these can be recognized as such and saved directly in the address book. Not only text, but also buildings and animal breeds should be able to be recognized. Thus, it should be possible to recognize landmarks or determine certain dog breeds. Closer information to the corresponding building or animal would like to provide you iOS 15 also.

Features of Apple Wallet will be expanded

In the future, your Apple Wallet will not only serve as a practical storage place for your event or flight tickets. On top of that, with iOS 15, other things from analogue life will also be able to find a place in Apple Wallet as a digital alternative. For example, your iPhone will be able to become a front door key in the future by unlocking smart locks. This should also be extremely practical in hotels. The famous Hyatt hotel chain has already announced that key cards for hotel rooms will also be made available in digital form in the future.

Image: Apple

Apple Wallet should also be able to offer an ID card function in the future. This is at least the case in the US. Here, iOS 15 is supposed to make it possible to store your identity cards as well as your driver’s license in the digital wallet. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the digital solution is also permitted in the respective state. This should make domestic flights within the USA much more convenient. After all, at least in theory, you then only need your iPhone.

Apple Maps gets a new look

Apple’s in-house navigation solution is also set to get a major overhaul. In particular, the look of Apple Maps should be able to convince thanks to a new rendering. Initially, a handful of cities in the USA are to get the start. In time, however, the innovative new view is to be launched worldwide.

Image: Apple

A three-dimensional rendered environment won’t have much in common with the previous 2D view of the Maps app. If the plan works, this should provide a far better overview. In this way, Apple boldly differentiates itself strongly from competitors like Google Maps.

Release in the fall

While app developers can already access iOS 15 now, Otto normal consumers still have to show a little patience. The final version of the new firmware is expected to be launched in the fall of this year. As is typical for Apple, even old iPhones should be able to enjoy iOS. Even the iPhone 6s, which is now almost six years old, should be able to update to iOS 15. We are curious whether Apple can keep its extensive promises about the firmware update.

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Apple presented some exciting innovations at this year’s WWDC. The focus was on the upcoming update to iOS 15. For example, the iPhone will be able to become a movie theater, ID card or even a house key in the future. We take a look at the upcoming innovations for the owners of an iOS … (Weiterlesen...)

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