Kickstarter campaign: The PhonePad turns every smartphone into a tablet

According to the manufacturer, the PhonePad is the first portable monitor that can turn any smartphone into a tablet. 20 days before the end of this Kickstarter campaign, more than 1,200 supporters have already signed up and raised more than 238,000 euros.

What makes the PhonePad so special?

The PhonePad differs from other devices of its kind in that it can be used to turn any smartphone (regardless of brand) into a tablet. After the respective device has been connected, it is ready to go. Alternatively, the PhonePad can also be paired with other HDMI devices, such as laptops or game consoles.

With the help of the PhonePad, it should now be possible to make even better use of the potential of your own smartphone. After all, these are now really small computers just waiting to be integrated even better into everyday life.

Thanks to the PhonePad, the corresponding details on the screen can now be displayed even larger (and thus more user-friendly). If you want, you can of course add a mouse to your portable “Smartphone PC”.

User comfort, gaming fun and more effective work: the Kickstarter campaign for the Phone Pad

If you want to increase your productivity, you should – according to current studies – opt for a second screen. This is exactly where the PhonePad comes in. No matter whether it’s for work or play: the imagination seems to know no bounds here.

The screen that appears on the respective smartphone can also be shown on the large display. The advantages of this modern solution include:

    • compatibility with iOs and Android solutions
    • a practical operability
    • the possibility to connect a separate mouse
    • a 15.6” Full HD Display
    • the Ultra-Slim Design

and the fact that the smartphone is charged while using the PhonePad.

The Kickstarter project will run until Sunday, October 11, 2020

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