Logitech G Aurora: New collection beyond stereotypes?

Logitech is introducing several new gaming products with the Aurora collection, which intentionally works against gender and similar stereotypes that are prevalent in the industry. The company’s stated goal with the new collection is to “meet the needs and desires of all gamers* while appealing to those who want a playful design and a versatile gaming experience.”

More diversity, less clichés

Behind the new collection is the idea that gaming enthusiasts are not a homogeneous group: They have – apart from the shared gaming interest – different preferences, desires and world views. According to Logitech, the products currently available on the market hardly do justice to this plurality within the community, as their design mostly follows the idea of a cliché gamer. Ujesh Desai, vice president and manager of Logitech G, summarizes the concept as follows: “Much of the gaming industry displays a consistent look. But that doesn’t reflect the wide range of gamers* who express themselves and enjoy gaming. Nor does it reflect the Logitech mentality. When we looked at our own gaming products, we realized we could do more.”

However, plurality within the industry refers not only to ideational differences, but also to physical ones: people are different sizes, have differently shaped ears, noses, eyes, and so on. Logitech also wants to do more justice to this diversity with its new collection.

Community involvement

To be able to put all these noble goals into practice, Logitech worked closely with the community. The guiding principle of the design process was accordingly the feedback from gamers. The focus was on the following aspects:

  • Comfort: All products should be pleasant to use for a wide variety of people.
  • Accessibility: Logitech has deliberately said goodbye to sharp edges, dark colors and a brutalist aesthetic. Instead, the new products are meant to be inviting.

What is striking – as the brief presentations of the new products will show – is that Logitech has decided against the implementation of gaming clichés, but decidedly for a certain other stereotype: All new products are kept white and soft and thus correspond to a homey, non-threatening aesthetic. Against the backdrop of the statement of having planned “originally […], mainly for female gamers”, this can again be understood as a reproduction of gender stereotypes. The now stated goal of wanting to represent more plurality and heterogeneity and to break through stereotypes must thus be considered to have failed. This is illustrated particularly impressively by Logitech’s advertising photos, on which, for example, long pink fingernails with glittering stones operate the keyboard belonging to the new collection.

Numerous new products

The collection is composed of numerous new products, which will be briefly presented below.

Wireless Gaming Headset G735

The G735 wireless gaming headset.

The G735 wireless gaming headset breaks with the conventions of the gaming industry: it is designed in soft white and is not meant to stand out with its off-putting edges, but to meet the demands of a soft aesthetic. This not only applies to the first impression, but also to the practical use. The headset is equipped with especially soft ear pads and a correspondingly padded headband. The latter is designed in such a way that the headset also sits comfortably on small heads. In addition, there is a discreet RGB illumination in four zones that can be individually adjusted. The lighting is immediately available and does not have to be configured first.

But the G735 is also supposed to convince apart from the design. The headset can be connected to a PC or other device via Bluetooth as well as via a USB dongle – which makes it possible to adjust the connection to the respective needs. Enormous speeds are achievable via the USB dongle. The headset is also equipped with a battery that lasts up to sixteen hours.

The heart of the headphones are 40 mm speakers that are compatible with Dolby Atmos as well as Windows’ Sonic Spatial Sound. Meanwhile, the accompanying G-Hub gaming software gives you the option to customize the sound to your own preferences and needs. The sound of the detachable microphone can also be individualized here.

Gaming keyboards G715 and G713

The wireless gaming keyboard G715 incl. cloud palm rest.

The mechanical gaming keyboard G715 also presents itself in the Aurora look: here, too, a velvety white dominates, which can either be supported in its soft look or broken by the RGB lighting. In addition, there is a soft white palm rest that has the look of a cloud.

Underneath the keycaps are GX switches, which are available in linear, tactile and clicky variants. Hereby, the individually desired variant can be selected on a continuum from quiet and low-friction to strong tactile as well as acoustic feedback. The keyboard can be used both wirelessly and wired. The possibility to connect the keyboard and the gaming mouse G705 to a PC via a common USB receiver should be emphasized. Furthermore, the keyboard is equipped with a battery that lasts for 25 hours.

With dimensions of 370.6 x 157 x 37.2 millimeters and a weight of 976 grams, the keyboard is comparatively small and light. This is also due to the fact that Logitech does without a numeric keypad – which saves on material.

The G713 only differs marginally from the G715: It can only be used with a cable and is therefore not equipped with a battery. This also leads to differences in weight: It weighs 962.5 grams including the cable. Both keyboards, which are also equipped with media keys, can be customized via the manufacturer’s corresponding software.

Wireless Gaming Mouse G705

The G705 wireless gaming mouse.

Completing the lineup of new core products is the G705 wireless gaming mouse. This also fits seamlessly into the chosen picture: it is kept in a soft white, has RGB elements and can thus be understood as a counter-design to the classic gaming aesthetics. This is striking, for example, in comparison with the G Pro X Superlight, which is also available in white, but looks much more sterile and hard. According to Logitech, it is especially designed for smaller hands. Accordingly, it scores with a compact design. It also has a thumb rest, a curved shape that is supposed to provide a comfortable hand position, and gliding feet that make it easier to use.

It can be connected to a PC or laptop via Bluetooth or Lightspeed Stick. As mentioned before, it can share a USB stick with the G715 keyboard. The mouse’s battery is supposed to ensure a playtime of up to 40 hours with the backlight turned on. It is charged via USB-C.

The heart of the mouse is the sensor, which resolves with 100 to 8,200 DPI. Six sensor profiles can be stored directly in the mouse and accessed via programmable buttons. Logitech has not yet made any statements about the response time and other technical aspects. However, it is known that the mouse weighs 85 grams – and is thus comparatively light.

Further settings can be made – as with the other products presented – in the manufacturer’s software.


In addition to the core products on display, Logitech has unveiled eight accessories that also feature the Aurora design and are an official part of the new collection. These are a heart-shaped travel case, the aforementioned Cloud palm rest, a charging cable with cable management tag, ear pads and earpieces for the headset in pink, green and white, as well as keycaps, keyboard covers for the G713 and G715, and a mouse pad in the same colors.

Also introduced were two Stream overlays for the Yeti microphone in blue. These Aurora overlays are in pink and white to blend in with the design of the new collection.

Prices and availability

All featured products are available now. The prices are thereby the following:

  • G735: 229.99 euros
  • G713: 169.99 euros
  • G715: 199.99 euros
  • G705: 99.99 euros

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Logitech is introducing several new gaming products with the Aurora collection, which intentionally works against gender and similar stereotypes that are prevalent in the industry. The company’s stated goal with the new collection is to „meet the needs and desires of all gamers* while appealing to those who want a playful design and a versatile … (Weiterlesen...)

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