Microsoft: Acquisition of a successful platform for e-sport events

Microsoft is building a large gaming community bit by bit. After the Xbox inventors bought up ZeniMax Media, one of the currently most successful gaming companies, the company is now heading in the direction of professional e-sports. As it became known, the company has taken over the popular e-sports platform Smash.GG from Redmond, USA.

Microsoft focuses on more and more takeovers

After Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S were finally released, the competition seems to be just starting. Even before the release of Microsoft’s consoles, the company gave its competitor Sony a real low blow with the purchase of ZeniMax Media. After all, the company also includes the extremely successful and popular developer studio Bethesda. Over the years, the studio has built up a huge fan base with brands such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Wolfenstein. But Microsoft’s investments do not seem to have come to an end with this big issue from a few months ago. Now the company has announced that it has bought the next gaming company, Smash.GG.

focus on e-sports

With the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, Microsoft secured rather popular single player titles for its in-house console. Now, however, the company is buying a company that is clearly focused on e-sports. Smash.GG is especially known for the organization of large e-sport events. However, this time Microsoft has not made as much fuss about the purchase as it did with ZeniMax Media. Therefore we don’t know how high the acquisition costs were this time. It will most likely be a fraction of the $7.5 billion Microsoft put on the table for ZeniMax Media a few months ago.

Smash.GG remains independent

After the takeover was made public, Smash.GG first stated that it would remain independent as a platform despite the purchase. We already know this from other Microsoft subsidiaries such as LinkedIn. We are already curious about the plans Microsoft is pursuing with the purchase of the company. However, the increasing focus on gaming sounds very exciting in view of the recent release of the Xbox Series X/S.

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