Mountain Makalu 67: New lightweight among the mice comes in October

In the meantime, a competition for the lowest weight has broken out among mouse manufacturers. So they use more and more sophisticated means to save even the last gram of weight. As there is not much to be gained from the choice of material, the only thing that helps is to leave out the corresponding material. The new Mountain Makalu 67, for example, has special ribbed holes to make it a true lightweight on the mouse market.

New weight saving

Simply leaving out material is not a Mountain invention. In fact, almost all manufacturers already use simple holes in the surface of the mouse. But until now this was only known in the form of a honeycomb structure. With the Mountain Makalu 67, the manufacturer has taken a completely different approach. The young start-up wants to try its luck with a rib cage structure. And at least on the scale they have already had a lot of success with this approach. As the name already suggests, the new mouse should weigh just 67 grams.

Stability through ribs

It is not without reason that Mountain speaks of a ribcage structure. On closer inspection, it is immediately noticeable that the hole pattern is clearly reminiscent of bone. Just like ribs in the human body, the other parts of the material are supposed to provide stability. In this way, it should be possible to achieve maximum stability from as little material as possible. In order for the plan to work, the manufacturer has opted for an asymmetrical shape of the mouse. This has a disadvantage for left-handers, as the Makalu 67 will initially only be suitable for right-handers. However, the design is not new. Mouse connoisseurs will have already seen it in other models.

Otherwise surprisingly normal

If you go into detail, it quickly becomes clear that the focus is clearly on the low weight. Otherwise, the mouse doesn’t have any real special features. Aside from six buttons, it offers a standard RGB illumination. Not only the buttons, but also the RGB lighting should be able to be individually adjusted. Five different profiles can be created, which also allows settings for sensor sensitivity and other details.

The chest structure is a first in the field of computer mice.

High quality sensor

The Makalu 67 uses a new Pixart sensor. Here Mountain uses the PMW-3370, which celebrates its premiere in this lightweight. The sensor should be able to scan with a maximum of 19,000 dpi. Compared to the current PMW-3389, the new Pixart sensor has an advantage, at least on paper. Whether you will notice this in the end is another question. After all, high dpi only brings something if the other components of the mouse are also right. It’s very surprising that the Makalu 67 is the only mouse to date that has this sensor.

Available from October

In October it should be ready. Then we will see if the kick starter-financed mouse can keep its promises. On paper, it is definitely already a very interesting product. Initially, the mouse is to be sold through Mountain’s own online shop.

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