N26 refreshes account models and adds a new one!

The German Fintech N26 is making some changes to the existing account models in order to keep up with the other providers. In addition, there is also another account model, “N26 smart” is the provider’s most favorable premium account to date.

“N26 smart” – cheaper, but not free of charge!

With the third tariff in the series of the payment tariffs of the Fintech N26 a further model starts beside the past ones. Currently there are already “N26 Metal” and “N26 You”. As with the other two account models, “N26 smart” will initially be launched as a business account, at a price of 4.90 euros per month. The new tariff includes personal support via chat and telephone as well as N26 Spaces and Shared Spaces. The “Spaces” are a type of sub-account, but without their own IBAN. With N26 smart, customers can define up to ten Spaces and then put their money in them like in a kind of pot. For example, one for vacations, one for donations or even further education, whatever comes to mind.

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The number of spaces distinguishes the tariff from the normal standard account, which is free of charge. The standard account includes only two Spaces. In addition, N26 offers another new feature, which always rounds up to the full euro when a card payment is made. The difference is then transferred directly to a specific Space. The “N26 smart” tariff also includes worldwide toll-free payment and the option of withdrawing cash up to five times a month free of charge. In the standard tariff, customers can withdraw cash three times a month free of charge. If customers wish to make further withdrawals, they can do so free of charge via CASH26. With the Mastercard of the “N26 smart” tariff, the customer can also choose the color, rhubarb, aqua, ocean, slate and sand.

Changes to existing account models

In the “N26 Business Smart” model, the customer has the additional function of receiving 0.1 percent cashback on card payments and discounts from selected partner brands. Virtual master cards will soon be introduced for the standard model of the German Fintech N26, and the account will continue to be free of charge. However, N26 is considering introducing a fee for the physical cards. The virtual cards should be free of charge. “N26 You” will be renamed “N26 International”, as this is seen as a particularly flexible model across borders. Not only “N26 You” gets a new name, but also “N26 Metal”, with further advantages and offers, it will soon be called “N26 Unlimited”.

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