News from AVM: FRITZ!DECT 500 and FRITZ!DECT 440 now available

Already some time ago, the smart home experts from AVM presented their latest products. However, it is now known from the FRITZ! box inventor that a lot of time can pass between announcement and release. Now the LED lamp FRITZ!DECT 500 and the new quadruple connector FRITZ!DECT 440 are available for purchase.

The features of the lamp

With the new products AVM offers some practical features. The LED lamp (FRITZ!DECT 500) offers both white and colored light, typical for the product. With the help of AVM’s practical app, both the LED lamp and the new quadruple switch can be controlled without any problems. In addition to the LED lamp, AVM also supplies a matching base in bulb size E27. The prerequisite for using the new products is a FRITZ!Box, which has at least FRITZ!OS 7.20.


The FRITZ!DECT 500 not only offers white and colored light, but is ready for smart control. Especially the extensive color spectrum ensures that you can create the right mood for every moment. This applies not only to the color itself, but also to the color temperature. Here the LED lamp offers the right colour for every requirement, from warm white (2700 Kelvin) to cool white (6500 Kelvin). The user also holds the sceptre in his hand when it comes to brightness. It can be dimmed continuously up to a maximum of 806 lumens.

Features of the button

AVM also convinces with a great product in the new quadruple switch. The FRITZ!DECT 440 enables the control of many different devices. Here too, there is a practical embedding in the home network of the FRITZ!BOX. Sockets, lamps and radiator thermostats can be controlled practically. Features include a reliable thermometer. The practical display makes it immediately clear whether a change should be made to the smart thermostats or not.


With its new quadruple button, AVM has opted for a practical e-paper display. Including a temperature sensor, the smart home device is suitable as an optimal control unit for, among others, the FRITZ! thermostat controller FRITZ!DECT 301. The FRITZ!DECT 200 and 210 can be switched wirelessly, individually and in groups using the new button. A practical LED ensures that the user receives immediate feedback for his input. The application can be used for portable or stationary use. A magnetic wall bracket ensures flexible use of the four-way pushbutton. With its narrow dimensions of 69 mm x 69 mm x 18 mm, the push-button can be placed in almost any household.

Price and availability

Both the lamp and the multiple switch from AVM are available immediately. For the FRITZ!DECT 500 you have to bear a UVP of 39 Euro. The quadruple scanner is available for an RRP of 59 Euro.

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