Nuki: Intercom Systems Can Be Upgraded with the Opener

If you want to make your intercom smart, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new device. With the Opener from Nuki, conventional intercom systems can be upgraded and made smartphone compatible.

The Opener was presented by Smartlock specialist Nuki at this year’s IFA. The device upgrades intercoms of apartment buildings with some smart functions. For example, the device makes it possible to trigger the door buzzer via an app. In addition, the opener enables the so-called ring-to-open function. This function is intended to save users the unlocking process: The app recognizes that the user is approaching home. If the user presses his own bell, the buzzer sounds immediately and the door can be opened. Immediate opening can also be activated permanently or for specific time windows so that other people can also enter immediately.

The opener can be connected to the intercom system in your own home in just a few simple steps using wires. The app is intended to provide installation instructions for various types of devices. When moving out, the opener can easily be unscrewed so that the landlord can remove the apartment without any problems. Since neither drilling nor soldering is necessary, no permission is required from the letting person for the installation.

The Nuki device draws electricity from four AAA batteries to be inserted. Similar devices of other manufacturers get their electricity partly from the house system, which is legally problematic. If you don’t want to change the batteries all the time, you can also supply the opener permanently with power via a socket thanks to its microUSB connection.

In conjunction with the WLAN bridge, the lock can also be opened from the smartphone via the cloud at any time while on the move.

The Nuki Opener is available for around 100 euros. In combination with the WLAN bridge or the Smart Lock, cheaper bundles can be purchased.

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