OnePlus disappoints its customers with false promises for Nord products

The popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has left a bad impression on its fans. Why? Last summer, the company promised not to launch any more smartphones on the market that do not offer at least a refresh rate of 90 hertz. Now OnePlus has broken its own promise. With the Nord N100, a device that offers only 60 hertz is coming onto the market.

OnePlus Nord not only disappoints all around frame rates

With its Nord products, the smartphone manufacturer has been bringing smartphones onto the market since last year, which are priced in the entry-level class. The new Nord N100 is very inexpensive with 199 Euro, but contrary to the promise of OnePlus it offers only 60 Hertz in addition to a cheap LCD panel. But that’s not it with the bad news yet. Moreover, the update policy for the new device is extremely questionable. So OnePlus promised to bring only devices with at least 2 years of support to the market in 2018. With the Nord N10 and N100 the manufacturer now seems to break this promise. According to their own statements, the two devices will only get an update. Strictly speaking, the cheap smartphones actually don’t offer a real update at all. After all, they will be launched with Android 10. If you update this to Android 11, which has already arrived in 2020, that’s it with the support.

Questionable company decisions

In my opinion, OnePlus is going in a very wrong direction here. The Nord product line simply does not fit the image of the model manufacturer. Especially the fact that OnePlus only wants to offer two years of support for its cheap smartphones is not fair. This makes for a much shorter useful life of the smartphones. Should OnePlus continue to market its low-cost line of business so poorly, the company will sooner or later have to pack up against the competition from Huawei, Samsung and Co. We will see whether the manufacturer can still find the jump here.

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