Razer Junglecat Controller Turns Smartphones into Handhelds

The new Razer Junglecat is a combination of case and controller that makes it possible to turn almost any Android smartphone into a Nintendo Switch-like handheld. Alternatively, the two parts of the Junglecat controller can be plugged into each other and used like a conventional gamepad.  The Razer Junglecat Controller is now available at the manufacturer’s Onlineshop for 119,99 Euro and at Amazon.

The Junglecat Controller allows you to play on your smartphone without covering a part of the screen with your hand. According to Razer, the battery of the compact and therefore very mobile controller provides power for over 100 hours of gaming fun. The connection from the controller to the smartphone is via Bluetooth Low Energy, the battery is charged via USB Type C cable.

The scope of delivery includes cases for the Huawei P30 Pro, the Razer Phone 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Other smartphones from Android 7.0 can also be used, but the Razer Junglecat must be used as a classic gamepad. An adapter is included for plugging the two parts together. In addition, the controller is compatible with Windows PCs, but iOS devices are not supported at all.

The left part of the Junglecat controller has an analogue stick, a 2-way control pad, a select button and two shoulder buttons. The right part contains four single buttons, a start button as well as an analog stick and shoulder buttons. The assignment of the keys can be changed via the Junglecat app. In addition, the analogue stick sensitivity can also be individualised.

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