Razer wants to score with shining prepaid card

With the new prepaid card of the manufacturer of computer accessories Razer, the company wants to make paying a game.

During payment the LED goes on

With the prepaid card, the user is rewarded according to use, the whole thing runs via an in-app system. If customers use the premium version of the card from Razer, the Razer logo will light up green for contactless payments. The manufacturer of computer accessories has long since moved beyond this area. There are now chewing gums for gamers or simply input devices for the office. With the prepaid card Razer goes one step further, the feature of contactless payment is absolutely exciting. Unfortunately, this only works in the premium version of the prepaid card. In the standard version or the app this great extra is unfortunately not included.


Initially, Razer’s prepaid card will only be available in Malaysia and Singapore. Razer wants to convince its customers there with a special reward program. The program will be based on gaming achievements. This will allow customers to collect points with their daily purchases and then redeem them for rewards. In addition to collecting the points, customers will receive one percent of the purchase price back. When customers use their card to shop at the Razer Store, they will receive a full 5 percent refund. A big advantage of the Razer prepaid card is that customers who pay at Visa merchants do not need to have a bank account.


Razer has developed the prepaid card in cooperation with Visa, so there is nothing to stop it being accepted by most merchants. With its own prepaid card, Razer is taking big steps towards its goal of becoming the first global youth bank. Now the card only needs to be available worldwide and Razer is on the advance.

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