Safety and performance: xTool presents the 40W laser engraver S1

xTool, manufacturer of laser engraving machines and corresponding software for the hobby and education sectors, has introduced the S1, a new laser engraver that is 40 watts strong. The manufacturer emphasizes that in addition to its power output, the new device comes with a fair amount of safety.

Power at any price?

Anyone who closely observes the laser market can see that there is a trend towards increasingly powerful devices. This development has not passed xTool by either: The company emphasizes its performance strength as part of the presentation of the new device. At the same time, however, xTool is more critical. For example, the manufacturer points out that the competition does not always attach enough importance to security. This is supported by a reference to the fact that external covers for open diode machines have gained in popularity in recent years. xTool sees this as an indication of a need for safety.

Open diode laser machines such as the ATEZR P20 Plus are popular in part because they are inexpensive. Material consumption in the manufacturing process is low, which creates more budget for the laser diodes themselves – which can be correspondingly more powerful, even on inexpensive machines. Closed machines are significantly safer than open ones, but also significantly more expensive.

With its new S1 40W laser engraver, xTool aims to bridge the gap between the advantages of the two engraving machines. According to the company, it has invested almost an entire year in the development of the new device, which is supposed to be able to combine the flexibility and performance of open machines with the safety of closed machines. But what exactly does the S1 laser engraver look like and what specific benefits does it offer?

Unmatched safety

The xTool S1 is a closed laser engraver. The manufacturer consequently relies here on the safest solution available, in which the laser beam cannot escape undesirably. The risk of injury is drastically reduced here compared to open models – although still present, which is why the device always requires careful handling.

xTool S1
The cover of the xTool S1 protects the eyes

In addition, the S1 features a highly transparent cover with filter function for two wavelengths. In addition to the diode laser, 1064nm infrared readers are also filtered. As a consequence, this means increased eye-friendliness. Protective goggles thus do not have to be worn when handling the S1.

In addition, the laser engraver has a powerful fume extraction system with an active exhaust fan, which extracts all pollutants produced during work and thus protects the health of the users.

The safety features of the xTool S1 are rounded off by a 5-way flame detection system and several safety sensors that trigger an emergency stop when the cover is opened or in the event of tilting or other malfunctions. This not only ensures safe operation, but also provides for emergencies.

TwinPoint posing and Dynamicfocus engraving for unbeatable precision

xTool has developed a new camera positioning technique for the S1: TwinPoint positioning. This sets the new laser engraver apart from the competition and ensures increased precision in positioning materials, which is crucial for the final result. Here, xTool not only uses an up-to-date encoder, but also and above all an algorithm. The positioning of the laser module can be tracked in real time in the associated software – as can the machining area. This ensures perfect positioning of the material at all times, which subsequently allows precision machining even for small details.

The latest technology is used in the S1

However, the S1 scores with precision not only in the context of material and laser module positioning, but also during the actual processing of the material. For example, it features an intelligent Dynamicfocus system that enables high-precision multi-point measurement and automatic 3D object modeling. The focus is determined again and again during machining and adjusted in real time. This enables the most precise engraving effects to be achieved.

Powerful performance with 40 watts and a speed of 600 mm/s

As already revealed at the outset, the xTool S1 is a 40-watt laser engraving machine. This makes the device exceptionally powerful. This is made possible thanks to the laser compression technology used, which compresses the eight 5.5 W lasers to 40 W, achieving engraving performance comparable to CO2 machines. As a result, even 18 mm thick solid wood can still be cut with the S1. However, the results are more precise than with comparable CO2 machines.

Flexibility is also ensured in all of this. For example, xTool works with an exchangeable laser module on the S1. This makes it possible to switch to a 1064nm laser module at any time, which opens up further processing options. Depending on the laser module used, stainless steel, precious metal, acrylic or plastic can be processed in addition to wood.

The equipment in this regard is rounded off by guide rails that have been improved compared to the predecessor model and allow higher processing speeds. The maximum speed is 600 mm/s. In this way, the S1 combines power and speed.

In addition to the 40W version, a lower-priced 20W variant is also offered, which is primarily aimed at interested parties with a lower power requirement or a narrower budget.

Increased flexibility through expansion options

Numerous materials can be processed with the S1.

xTool has also equipped the S1 with an automatic feed belt that allows the machinable area, which is 498 x 330 mm by default, to be expanded as desired. This means that even larger materials can be processed without any problems. Further flexibility is provided by the optional RA2-Pro rotary attachment, which also makes it possible to process objects such as cups, mugs or rings. Thanks to the S1’s raised base, objects with a height of up to 125mm (sold in Europe and the UK) / 133.5mm (sold in non-Europe and the UK) can be engraved. All in all, this shows that xTool attaches great importance to offering creative freedom. So anyone who wants to tackle projects with different dimensions is well advised to use the S1.

These advantages are rounded off by the fact that the standard version of the machine functions almost according to the plug-and-play principle: The entire installation takes only three to five minutes and is much less time-consuming than with open laser engraving machines.

Prices and availability

Both versions of the xTool S1 are available now from the manufacturer’s official web shop. The prices are $1,599.99 and $1,999.99, respectively. Order now and receive a complimentary air assist worth $169 and a honeycomb accessory also valued at $169, enhancing your crafting capabilities

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xTool, manufacturer of laser engraving machines and corresponding software for the hobby and education sectors, has introduced the S1, a new laser engraver that is 40 watts strong. The manufacturer emphasizes that in addition to its power output, the new device comes with a fair amount of safety. Power at any price? Anyone who closely … (Weiterlesen...)

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