Samsung Partially Unlocks Bixby Button

Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones feature a Bixby key, as in the two previous generations. Now this key is released at least partially for other assignments. However, it still cannot be completely detached from Bixby.

With the new Samsung smartphones it is possible to assign any app to the Bixby key in the menu. The US-American technology portal The Verge has noticed this possibility.

If the user prefers to access an app other than Bixby, he can reassign the Bixby key in the settings. From now on, it is possible to reach the assigned app either by double or single printing. If the user selects the single pressure, he will pass through this to the self-selected app, while he will pass through double pressure to Bixby – the same applies vice versa. Pressing and holding the button for a long time will always bring him to Bixby.

So it is still not possible to disconnect the key completely from Bixby. After all, Samsung now grants its users more freedom to use the button. In recent years, the Bixby key has been criticized time and again because most users did not use Bixby and would have liked to use it for other applications.

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