Seagate brings SSDs with up to 15 TB

The commercial customers of the hard drive manufacturer Seagate can soon look forward to new products. The storage management experts have presented their new solid state drives (SSDs). Buyers can look forward to memory sizes of up to 15 terabytes.

Nytro series for specialists

The new SSDs are aimed at enterprise customers for a reason. So Seagate not only gives its fast hard drives large storage sizes. The new products also offer a range of different connections. In addition to SATA and SAS connections, the SSDs offer fast M.2 ports.

15 TB not with every version

However, not every SSD offers 15 TB of storage space. If you want to benefit from the largest possible storage, you will inevitably have to resort to the variant with SAS. This comes in a 2.5 inch format. However, if you attach importance to an NVMe interface, “only” a maximum of 1.9 terabytes of storage is possible. The products with SATA 6 GB/s offer a maximum of 3.8 terabytes of storage. Regardless of the memory size, all new SSDs score points with a 96-layer BiCS4 NAND flash.

Fast data transmission

With the SSDs in the SAS-12-GB/s version, you get the fastest products of the new enterprise SSDs. Here the buyer gets proud speeds of up to 2 GB/s. Furthermore, this version scores with up to 240,000 IOPS. Seagate has not yet commented on the prices. But we now know when the new products will be launched. On July 28, Seagate will launch the new SSDs with a five-year warranty.

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