Sennheiser GSP 370: Wireless Gaming Headset with up to 100 Hours of Battery Life!

German audio specialist Sennheiser presents its latest gaming headset, the GSP 370. The wireless device uses the same audio technology as its predecessors, but is expected to offer relevant advantages over them due to a more powerful battery and an almost latency-free connection.

Low latency connection

The new wireless gaming headset wants to score points above all with the low-latency connection , as Sennheiser calls it. The headset is connected to the output device via a USB dongle. This wireless type of connection allows a high degree of freedom of movement – but is usually inferior to a wired connection in terms of transmission quality. Sennheiser would now like to eliminate this disadvantage of wireless connections: “The GSP 370 is intended to enable a transmission quality that is in no way inferior to that of wired headsets. The dongle can be used with computers as well as with PlayStation 4 and the Mac.

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Powerful battery and high quality sound

The second highlight of the new headset is the powerful rechargeable battery, which is intended to provide music or gaming enjoyment of up to 100 hours. Such a long battery life is not common for headsets so far. Sennheiser could become a trendsetter with the GSP 370 – after all, the competition will want to keep up.

However, there are no innovations in audio technology. The GSP 370 uses the audio drivers already familiar from the award-winning GSP 300. The integrated digital sound processing is intended to provide a particularly high-quality audio experience.

If you want to influence the design of the sound yourself, you can do so: The Gaming-Suite, which can be used on Windows PCs, offers the possibility to adapt various sound parameters to your own wishes. In addition to surround modes and sound profiles, the software also offers the option of changing equalizer settings.

Further features include a noise-canceling microphone which, according to the manufacturer, should offer broadcast quality. Background noise is actively suppressed and the microphone can be muted by simply flipping it up.

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Wearing comfort and design

Visually, the new gaming headset presents itself inconspicuously. It is kept in black – no surprises. According to Sennheiser, it is particularly comfortable to wear. The headband, for example, is padded to reduce pressure on the head. In addition, the device has padded ear cups. The padding should adapt to the ear of the user. With the help of a ball-and-socket joint hinge, the entire auricle is also adapted to the shape of the face, which is intended to ensure that the headset can offer a high level of comfort for a wide variety of face and head shapes.

Price and Availability

The device can now be purchased from the online shop of the manufacturer. The price is 199 Euro. If the headset is purchased from Sennheiser in the online shop, buyers will receive the headset holder GSA 50 free of charge.

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