SmartThings Find: Galaxy devices now locatable in Germany

Samsung has announced that the service SmartThings Find, which has been in the test phase for some time, will soon be offered in Germany as well. This should enable Galaxy devices to be found more quickly and easily in future.

Bluetooth signals and signal tones for locating

The Android application relies on a Bluetooth low energy signal. As soon as a Galaxy device is no longer in the mobile network, it starts to send out this signal. Other Galaxy devices receive the signal and forward it to a cloud. The cloud in turn allows the owner to determine the location of the missing device. In addition, the missing devices can be rung – they make a sound at the touch of a button so they can be located quickly.

Tracking tags available soon

Another possibility is to use AR graphics, which are made available via the corresponding app. These graphics inform the user via color symbols whether the device is currently in the vicinity. The color changes when the user approaches the device he is looking for, as well as at a distance. Starting next year, it should be possible to use tracking tags, which will then also be used to locate keys and similar objects via the app.

To use the new application, the latest version of the SmartThings app and the Android 8 operating system or later are required.

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