Spotify: App can not be opened or crashes after start

Update: Besides Spotify, hundreds of other apps are affected. The fault is the Facebook SDK, which is used by these apps for login.

iPhone and iPad users seem to have to get along without Spotifiy music at the moment, because numerous error messages are currently being reported via the service all malfunctions.

Thousands of affected people cannot start Spotify

About 20,000 error messages have already been received, so it seems to be an iOS problem, because Android users are not affected according to the messages so far. The users of Spotify report e.g. “Spotify cannot be opened”, “The app crashes on the iPhone” or “the Spotify app closes itself”.

The problem seems to occur not only in Germany, but worldwide.

Cause of error not yet known

Spotify already knows the problem and the service is working on a solution. On Twitter they say:

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Since the problem does not come from an app update, it appears to be server-side. So an update of the app will probably not be necessary, but Spotify will change the problem on their side. At some point you will be able to use the app again without any problems and without having to change anything. Please let us know when it works again.

So Spotify starts again

If you really want to use Spotify, the only workaround is the flight mode. Then you can start Spotify and at least listen to the music from the offline cache. As soon as the music is playing you can deactivate the flight mode and Spotify will continue to run in the background. Only when the app is opened again it crashes again.

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