TeamGroup introduces T-Force Cardea C440

TeamGroup, a specialist when it comes to storage media, is expanding its T-Force series with another M.2 SSD. The Cardea C440 is equipped, among other things, with an NVM Express 1.3 interface and PCI Express 4.0.

Thanks to the two interfaces mentioned above, the SSD can achieve very high transfer rates. Writing, it reaches a speed of up to 4,400 MB per second; reading, it reaches a maximum of 5,000 MB per second. Other M.2 SSDs, which only work with the PCI Express 3.0 standard, for example, put it in the shade so easily. At the same time, it is backwards compatible, whereby the transfer speed decreases when it is operated with motherboards that cannot offer the latest standard.

The Cardea C440 is also equipped with a white ceramic cooler to protect the 3D NAND chips from overheating. According to the manufacturer, the temperature of the SSD in a package with active cooling can be reduced by up to eighteen percent compared to other SSDs without an additional cooler. This in turn has a positive effect on the expected service life of the SSD. The new TeamGroup SSD will be offered with storage volumes of up to 2 TB.

Despite the ceramic cooler, TeamGroup describes the new SSD as lightweight and thin – the thickness is around one millimeter. Despite the ingenious cooling system, it is therefore a handy storage medium that is also designed to be largely resistant to extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, the SSD is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, all of which are RoHS-compatible.

It is not yet known when and at what price the SSD will be available in Germany.

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