Thermaltake AH T200: Micro ATX case announced for Q3 2020

With the AH T200, Thermaltake presents a Micro-ATX case at the in-house digital fair Thermaltake Expo, which is based on the large AH T600. According to Thermaltake this was inspired by a helicopter.

The Thermaltake AH T200 easily accommodates mainboards in Micro-ATX format. Integrated processors can be cooled by a 280 millimetre radiator in the front or a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 150 millimetres. The radiator solution is therefore much more interesting.

The open steel frame design includes five glass windows. Three 3 millimetre thick glass panes are located on the top of the front. The side panels also have glass, but here the glass is four millimetres thick and is held in place by hinges. This means it can be opened up at any time. Despite the many glass surfaces, there are also numerous ventilation openings so that the hardware inside receives enough fresh air. Up to four 140 millimeter fans also ensure this.

Limitations for power supply and graphics card are virtually non-existent. The power supply unit can be up to 180 millimetres long, the graphics card up to 320 millimetres. Not quite as much space is available for hard disks: 2x 3.5 or 3x 2.5 inch.

In addition to two USB 3.0 ports and the obligatory audio connections, the I/O panel of the Thermaltake AH T200 also offers USB type C.

The case is scheduled to be released in black and white in the third quarter of 2020. A RRP of $139.99 is planned for the black version and $149.99 for the white version.

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