Ubisoft makes games cross-platform with Ubisoft Connect

Ubisoft has released a new service that makes it possible to continue playing a game regardless of the platform.


The ability to play across multiple platforms with Ubisoft Connect sounds good. With Ubisoft Connect the game developer wants to make this possible, it is a “network for all players”. At the same time the service on the computer replaces Uplay. With Ubisoft Connect it should be possible to connect the games of the developer over all systems. In addition there is then also the possibility to gamble over the different platforms in multiplayer mode. With the newer games the scores should be taken over the different platforms. Ubisoft already confirms this for “Assassins Creed Valhalla”, “Hyper Scape”, “Immortals Fenyx Rising” and “Riders Republic”. Unfortunately, the games still have to be purchased twice for the respective console. Furthermore, older games will not benefit from the comprehensive backup.

Ubisoft Connect will also take over the social features of Ubisoft Club, i.e. the rewards, challenges and even the chats with other players will run on the consoles via the connect overlay. Ubisoft Connect will also replace the existing Ubisoft app Uplay with its launch on the computer. The update to Connect will run seamlessly and should not affect the already installed games. The goal of Ubisoft Connect is to provide gamers with the best possible platform through which they can really enjoy their games. At the same time they can get in touch with other gamers, no matter which console the other gamer uses.


Ubisoft Connect will also be available from October 29, 2020, coinciding with the release of the open world game “Watch Dogs”. The service from Ubisoft is free of charge. Ubisoft Connect is available on the Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, of course the computer and the cloud game service Google Stadia. An application for iOS and Android will also follow. To use Connect, you only need a Ubisoft account. The Uplay users already have one and then you can start.

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