watchOS 6 Brings the App Store to Smartwatch

Apple recently presented the new operating system for its Smart Watches. This brings with it a significant change – apps can now be installed directly on the clock without detours.

Until now, users who wanted to install an app on their watch still had to use an iPhone. They are thus forced to own at least one other Apple device in addition to the watch in order to be able to use the watch to its full extent. With watchOS 6 this restrictive circumstance will change. The app store will then be available directly on the clock, making it possible to install apps directly on the clock without detours. In the future, developers will use the streaming audio API for audio playback, making the iPhone superfluous.

Among the apps that can be used directly on the watch in the future are the calculator, “Apple Books” and the voice memo app. The apps can be operated via the screen of the clock.

Other changes affect the health functions of the watch. Apple will continue to expand these. In future, for example, there will be an overview of the activities of the last 90 days. Furthermore, the new operating system will allow tracking of the menstrual cycle.

In addition, the map app will be extended by a voice output of route descriptions. Web and Shazam searches can now also be performed using voice commands and there will be “smart answers”. Apple also announced a new bracelet and dials for its watches. The new operating system will be available in autumn.

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