Wiko Y61: New low-budget smartphone from France

Wiko has always stood for affordable smartphones. With the Wiko Y61, the French manufacturer wants to stir up the market with a new price-performance cracker. In addition to an IPS display with a 6 inch screen diagonal, the affordable smartphone comes with 16 Gb memory and fresh Android 10. All this should be possible at a UVP of a slim 89 Euro.

Available immediately

Although it has just been announced by Wiko, the Y61 is already available from the first dealers. The colours green, grey and gold are available. A look at the scope of delivery is very pleasing in view of the low price. In addition to the smartphone itself, the package also contains a number of accessories. Thus, Wiko not only includes the power supply unit and the corresponding cable. You also get a matching protective cover and a protective foil for the display.

For whom suitable?

The target group of the French is clearly not only savers who don’t attach much importance to a high-end smartphone. The affordable Wiko Y61 should also be tailor-made for children. After all, in view of the EIA of 89 euro, a scratch here doesn’t hurt too much.

What does it have to offer?

Of course, one cannot expect too much at such a low price. Nevertheless, some of the low-budget smartphones read quite well. The first glance at a smartphone is of course on the display. The 6 inch IPS display of the cheap Wiko looks quite good at first glance. On the inside, you have to be satisfied with 16 GB flash memory and 1 GB RAM memory. However, this should be enough for a second device or as a smartphone for a child. What’s pleasing is that you can practically expand the memory space with a microSD.

The Wiko Y61 is available in three colors.

The Wiko Y61 uses Android as the operating system, which is typical for the manufacturer. Version 10 is used here. On the battery side, the affordable smartphone offers 3000 mAh. That’s not much, but in view of the weak hardware, it should be able to hold up well. You shouldn’t expect too much from the camera either. Thus, the Wiko Y61 has a rear main camera with 8 megapixels. The front camera has 5 megapixels. On the processor side, the French rely on the Mediatek 6761WE, which offers four cores and a maximum clock rate of 1.8 GHz.

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