Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 introduced

Yesterday’s Xiaomi event naturally focused on the new Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Lite and Mi 11i. However, the Chinese electronics company also had a lot to offer aside from the impressive smartphones. Xiaomi also presented the latest generation of its popular sports tracker, the Mi Smart Band 6. And this one seems to have a lot up its sleeve again.

The success proves Xiaomi right

Some may think “already the sixth generation?!”. But the success proves the Chinese right with their sporty wearable. The tracker has always stood for a reliable smart wristband that comes along at an inimitably good value for money. And Xiaomi seems to get things right again this time. At a price of 44.99 Euros, you should be able to benefit from a number of practical features here. Xiaomi also does not skimp on improvements. Thus, not only is the display larger, but even SpO2 tracking is on board.

In addition to red, yellow, blue and black, you can also opt for the colors green and beige for the latest offshoot of the smart fitness tracker – everyone should be able to find what they’re looking for here.

The most striking change to the popular tracker immediately jumps out at the first sight. Xiaomi has significantly enlarged the wristband’s display. Compared to the predecessor, the AMOLED display now offers 50 percent more screen area with its 1.56 inches. With a resolution of 486 x 152 pixels, the small color display also comes across as pleasingly sharp.

SpO2 tracking for under 45 euros?!

What is really impressive is the fact that Xiaomi gives its inexpensive wearable SpO2 tracking. This is supposed to allow the smart wristband to measure the oxygen content in the blood. However, we are a bit skeptical in view of the low price. After all, we only know reasonably well-functioning measurements of oxygen levels from high-priced smartwatches. And even there, it does not really work yet. Only a hands-on test will provide certainty in this regard. In terms of reliability, however, the sleep tracker should be convincing again. Here, the smart wristband has always been ahead due to its slim dimensions.

The sporty among you will be happy to know that the sixth generation of the fitness tracker supports 30 types of workouts. With the help of the watch, all your sporting activities can be reliably tracked. Particularly exciting is the fact that the wristband can even automatically recognize some sports, such as jogging, cycling, rowing and cross-trainer units. Swimmers will be pleased to know that the band is still water-resistant, making it great for swim training.

Up to 14 days of battery life

Xiaomi gives the fitness tracker a 125 mAh battery. With this, runtimes of up to 14 days should be possible. Certainly, the intensity of use also plays a big role. If you are looking for a suitable wearable, the Mi Smart Band 6 is certainly worth considering. If it does not have to be the latest of the new, you can also look for the predecessors. They are even cheaper than the upcoming newcomer and offer an even more attractive price.

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