XMG: NEO series to rely on i7-10875H & liquid metal thermal compound in future

XMG does not seem to like stagnation. The gaming pros have announced to further improve their popular NEO series. So the high-end notebooks are not only to get an Intel Core i7-10875H. XMG also wants to switch to a thermal compound based on liquid metal.

Significant performance upgrade

First and foremost, the switch from a six-core processor to an Octa-Core will probably be associated with a significant increase in notebook performance. In order to get the higher heat development under control, the changeover to the new thermal compound is understandable. After all, cooling technology based on liquid metal should be more effective. In addition to the eight cores, the Core i7-10875H also offers further highlights. For example, the high-performance sports processor has 16 threads and a maximum clock rate of 5.1 GHz. Especially if you use the 15.6 or 17.3 inch notebook in multi-core hungry applications, you’ll be able to feel this more than processing power. The first benchmarks already show this. For example, the future XMG NEO with Core i7-10875H achieves a proud 4192 points in the CinceBench R20. In contrast to its six-core sibling, the Core i7-10750H with “only” 3352 points, it clearly offers more performance.

Enhanced thermal paste

The new heat-conducting pastes of the NEO series are not really a first. XMG has already used a heat-conducting paste based on liquid metal in other models. While the manufacturer used to be a secret, XMG is playing with its cards on the table this time. Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut is responsible for the production of the thermal conduction compound. The efficiency of liquid metal as a heat conducting paste is undisputed. This becomes particularly clear in direct comparison to the much cheaper silicon-based variant. It is capable of reliably cooling down even high processor temperatures. However, liquid metal is not entirely undisputed as a heat-conducting paste. After all, there is always the fear of the consequences of a leakage of the liquid. XMG would like to put a stop to these dangers in advance. For example, the manufacturer would like to use a special foam on the processor’s carrier plate. In case of emergency, this foam should absorb the liquid metal like a kind of sponge.

Not everything should be new

XMG is not breaking new ground in the GPU area. The gaming experts continue to rely on the power of graphics cards from NVIDIA. Here one still has the choice between the GeForce RTX 2060 Refresh, RTX 2070 Refresh and the RTX 2070 Super. Both the 15.6-inch and the 17.3-inch versions offer a refresh rate of a proud 240 Hz. The cover on the top side is made of high-quality aluminum. Only the upper shell of the two notebooks is supposed to differ. While the smaller one also uses aluminum here, XMG uses a special plastic for the 17 inch model. This should be able to offer a non-slip surface. Furthermore, the new XMG NEOs offer a pretty keyboard illumination, with each individual key having its own RGB illumination. The touchpad is made of high-quality glass.

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The two notebooks also score points with their extensive performance. Features include a maximum of 64 GB DDR4 RAM. Furthermore the notebooks offer two slots of the type M.2. Furthermore the user has a total of three USB 3.2 ports at his disposal. In addition to HDMI, the gaming notebooks also offer a connection for Gigabit-LAN and support WiFi 6. Two jack sockets for microphone or headset complete the gaming package. In addition, the two NEOs also offer an SD slot, Thunderbolt 3 and two DisplayPort streams. No wishes remain unfulfilled here. The battery of the large XMG NEO has been given a new lease of life by the manufacturer. While previously only 46 Wh were available, one can now be happy about 62 Wh. However, anyone who attaches great importance to long battery life should take a look at the small XMG NEO 15. This offers a much larger battery with 93 Wh.

Price and availability

The new versions of XMG NEO are now available online. From September, the first gaming notebooks with revised hardware will be delivered. The XMG NEO 15 is available from a price of 1607.42 Euro. While you can still buy the small version with the “old” six-core processor, the XMG NEO 17 is only available with the new Intel Core i7-10875H. Here you have to put at least 1753.64 Euro on the virtual counter.

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