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AENO RC2S test: A robot vacuum with basic features

All-in-one cleaning stations, rotating mops with lifting function, fixed water connection, suction power of around 8,000 pascals, and so on and so forth – everything that has happened in the robot vacuum sector in recent years is truly impressive. However, the prices of these smart household helpers have also risen significantly in line with the packed equipment packages. For a flagship model from Dreame, Roborock or Ecovacs, for example, you can currently expect to pay over 1,000 euros. The AENO RC2S is refreshingly different. It focuses on the essentials when it comes to features. The almost rudimentary basic equipment has the advantage that the robot hoover scores with an attractive price. I took a closer look at the household helper in the AENO RC2S test.

Technical data

Suction power 2.500 Pascal
Rechargeable battery 3.000 mAh battery, max. 130 minutes running time, charging time: 5 hours
Operation Device buttons, AENO app, voice assistants (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri)
Navigation LiDAR 15 sensors
Dimensions and weight 33 x 33 x 9.6 cm and 3 kilograms
Features Mop function
Dust container size 600 ml
Water tank size 350 ml
Price € 348.81 *

AENO RC2S Test: Scope of delivery

aeno rc2s test

AENO RC2S test: Design and workmanship

AENO is not reinventing the wheel when it comes to design. With its circular design, the RC2S follows the standard shape of other robot hoovers. This should enable it to clean well in corners. The rest of the layout is also reminiscent of the competition. Let’s start with the top. The LiDAR sensor, whose laser technology is located in a small turret, is enthroned here.

aeno rc2s test

The AENO RC2S also has a small control unit on the device itself. A total of three buttons are available here. This means you can operate the smart household helper without a smartphone. However, it should be said in advance that you should definitely use the app for operation. After all, the setting options there are much more varied.

aeno rc2s test

The front of the RC2S not only has a bumper to prevent damage to the robot hoover and furniture in the event of a collision. There are also sensors here to detect obstacles. At the back, there is a choice of a 600 ml dust container or a 350 ml water container. A look at the underside reveals the main brush and other sensors.

aeno rc2s test

Unfortunately, AENO does not use a fully rubberized solution for the main brush, but a combination of rubber and bristles. This is a shame, as experience has shown that hair tends to get tangled up here. There are also two side brushes in the front area. All in all, the robot vacuum leaves a good impression in terms of build quality. It has a high-quality feel and appears to be robust.

AENO RC2S test: Commissioning

After various tests of robot hoovers with large-format base stations, it was a real change for me how quickly the RC2S could be put into operation. Once the charging station is connected to the power socket using the mains cable, you can get started straight away. Now all you have to do is insert the robot hoover and connect it to your home network via the app. Before you know it, it will be doing its first laps of your floor.

If you want to test the mopping function, you need to fill the water tank of the mopping unit and insert it instead of the dust container. On its first tour, the smart household helper maps your home. The LiDAR sensor on the top is used for this. The technology has the decisive advantage that it can find its way around even in total darkness.

aeno rc2s test

The map that comes out after the scan cannot keep up with flagships such as a Dreame L20 Ultra(test) or a Roborock S8 Pro Ultra(test). The result is not quite as accurate as with the top models. But that’s complaining at a high level. After all, LiDAR is not standard in this price range. Once the map has been created, you can play around with it and create invisible walls or no-go areas for the robot vacuum, for example.

AENO RC2S test: AENO app

As befits a modern robot vacuum cleaner, the AENO RC2S naturally also comes with the appropriate app control. Although this has a somewhat outdated look, it scores points in practice with a good overview and various setting options. For example, you can make cleaning settings here.

The robot vacuum offers a total of 3 suction levels and 3 mopping levels. You can also set a cleaning schedule in the app. This allows the robot vacuum to clean your home at the times you specify in advance. Thanks to the active internet connection, you can control it at any time and from anywhere via the app.

Setting options in the AENO app

In addition to the control unit on the device and the app, you can also control the robot vacuum with your voice. The RC2S offers support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri for this purpose. This is a practical feature if you simply want to start the vacuum cleaner from the sofa and don’t have your cell phone to hand.

AENO RC2S test: Practical test

Now let’s take a look at how the AENO RC2S works. We will take a close look at the navigation and obstacle detection as well as the suction and mopping performance.

Navigation and obstacle detection

The RC2S maneuvers quite unerringly through my home. Of course, the device doesn’t rely on the highly controversial chaos principle, but instead slowly but surely moves through the room in a set routine. The outer area is covered first in a path and then the inner area is covered in U-shaped movements.

aeno rc2s test
LiDAR sensor on the top

You can easily follow its route by looking at the map in the app. Obstacle detection, on the other hand, can best be described as solid. Larger objects such as shoes are skillfully detected by the sensors. Smaller obstacles such as toys or even cables are more complicated.

You should check that there are no unwanted items on the floor before each cleaning session. However, it should be emphasized that even flagship models can slip up from time to time when it comes to obstacle detection. That’s why I don’t want to put too much weight on this.

Suction power

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline – suction power. At just 2,500 Pascal, the AENO RC2S is by no means state-of-the-art in terms of suction power. Even mid-range models such as a Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat(test) offer many times more suction power. This is not really noticeable on hard floors.

The smart household helper cuts a really good figure on tiles, parquet and vinyl. In the test, even the middle of three suction levels was sufficient to achieve good cleaning results. AENO emphasizes that in turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner should provide extensive cleaning, especially on carpets. This may also be true on short-pile carpets.

aeno rc2s test

However, if you run the RC2S over long-pile carpets, the rather low suction power is noticeable. Some crumbs are left behind between the fibers. However, if you have little or no carpeting in your home, this won’t necessarily bother you. For everyone else, a high suction power is always a basic requirement for good carpet cleaning.

aeno rc2s test

I was also annoyed by the main brush. The combination of rubber blades and bristles in no way prevents pet hair from becoming tangled. If AENO doesn’t offer a solid rubber solution, it should at least use detangling technology. The Eufy X10 Pro Omni(test) demonstrates how this can work. Here, the hair is simply combed out.

Mopping performance

The mopping function of the AENO RC2S reminds me a little of the old days. It starts with the two containers. You have to replace the dust container with the water container if you want to mop. That’s really inconvenient. It’s already clear that mopping with the RC2S is the exception rather than the rule.

Unfortunately, there is no combi container, but two separate containers. One for dirt, one for water

Once you have inserted the water tank and placed the mop on the underside, the RC2S can start mopping. You shouldn’t really expect much from the result. This is because AENO relies on a rigid mop plate that is pulled across the floor like a cloth by the robot hoover. This may provide a good cleaning effect for the first few square meters.

aeno rc2s test

However, there comes a point when the mopping pad spreads its mopped dirt over the floor that still needs to be cleaned. This is precisely why more and more manufacturers are opting for a cleaning station in which the mopping unit is cleaned at regular intervals. In my opinion, the mopping function is hardly worth mentioning and is nothing more than a practical gimmick.

AENO RC2S test: Battery

The battery performance of the AENO RC2S is a real hobbyhorse. The smart household helper is said to last up to 130 minutes on a full charge and can therefore clean up to 150m². That’s a really good figure, which means it doesn’t have to hide behind the higher-priced competition. If the battery runs out during the cleaning tour, that’s no problem either. The smart household helper then returns to its base station automatically.


After extensively testing the AENO RC2S, I am a little ambivalent. On the one hand, the smart household helper does some things really well. For example, it impresses with its great build quality and attractive appearance. Navigation and route finding also work really well. There were only a few problems here and there with obstacle detection. The suction power is also impressive. The robot vacuum cuts a fine figure, especially on hard floors. Despite its rather outdated look, the app also offers a good overview and is easy to use.

Unfortunately, the performance is a little too weak for carpets and, in my opinion, the mopping function is nothing more than a nice gimmick. As you have to change the container for mopping, only very few people will use this feature in the long term. But despite all the criticism, the price should not be forgotten. The AENO RC2S offers a really great price-performance ratio and is attractive for all those who don’t want to spend too much money on a robot vacuum.

aeno rc2s test


Design & Workmanship
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The AENO RC2S is an inexpensive robot vacuum that cannot keep up with the flagships and well-known mid-range appliances. However, anyone looking for a budget-friendly household helper should definitely give the gadget a try.

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