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AENO SM1 Steam Mop test: More than just a steam cleaner

Steam cleaners not only promise comprehensive cleaning of almost all surfaces. The use of hot steam also effectively kills bacteria and prevents unpleasant odors from developing. However, these household helpers have so far mainly been used on the tiled floor in the bathroom or the couch at home. In the AENO SM1 Steam Mop test, I was able to try out a model that shines above all with its range of functions and should therefore make house cleaning a little more convenient.

AENO SM1 Steam Mop test: Scope of delivery

aeno sm1 steam mop test

AENO SM1 Steam Mop Test: Design and workmanship

In my previous tests of gadgets from AENO, I was always impressed by the high quality of workmanship. And the SM1 is no different. The 1.3 kg household helper comes in a handsome matt white finish. It not only looks good, but also feels good thanks to the high-quality plastic. You can feel the great workmanship at the latest when changing the attachments, which is as smooth as butter.

aeno sm1 steam mop test

The gadget can be divided into three sections. At the top is a handle, which with its U-shape is somewhat reminiscent of a rounded horseshoe and sits very comfortably in the hand. In the center is the main unit, which has a display and houses the 380 ml water tank. The display not only shows status information on the current cleaning process. It also serves as a control unit.

aeno sm1 steam mop test
Thanks to the flat design, you can also get under flat furniture

The cleaning unit is located in the lower third. The basic structure consists of a long cleaning tube with an attached cleaning surface. Alternatively, you can also use the steam cleaner in many other set-up variants. We will explain what is possible later. What is certain, however, is that all the included attachments also offer a high quality of workmanship. There is nothing to complain about here.

aeno sm1 steam mop test
The power cable detracts from the overall picture

But there is one thing that annoys me. In my opinion, such a light and handy household helper doesn’t need a power cable at all. I am of course aware that the SM1 would weigh considerably more with a suitable battery and that such a handy design would then no longer be possible. However, in the age of battery-powered vacuum cleaners, this seems a little out of date.

AENO SM1 Steam Mop test: ease of use

The AENO SM1 Steam Mop has a modern look, but its operation is quite rudimentary. This is not meant to be a criticism. Personally, I don’t need any smart home bells and whistles like an app with a steam cleaner. It is much more important to me that the appliance is easy and intuitive to use. And that is undoubtedly the case with the SM1. The focus is on the display on the main unit.

aeno sm1 steam mop test

Here, AENO relies on a touch-sensitive LCD display. It is touch-sensitive because it is not only used to display status information. It is also the steam cleaner’s control unit. The steam cleaner can not only be switched on here. You can also regulate the water flow rate and steam temperature here. The display responds quickly to inputs, making operation very intuitive.

aeno sm1 steam mop test
The steam cleaner is very maneuverable

A practical wall bracket is included in the scope of delivery. This allows you to hang the AENO SM1 Steam Mop upright on the wall. This looks stylish and is extremely practical. However, I personally miss an additional storage place for the attachments. It’s a shame that AENO hasn’t found a solution to adequately store these too. However, the convenient concept is always spoiled by the power cable. It’s simply annoying to always have to find a suitable socket when cleaning around the home.

AENO SM1 Steam Mop test: A real jack of all trades

Have you ever cleaned with a steam cleaner? Then you should forget everything you’ve learned about these practical household helpers. The AENO SM1 Steam Mop doesn’t just clean your tiles and joints in the bathroom. Thanks to the numerous attachments that the manufacturer includes in the scope of delivery, you can clean a wide variety of things and even iron your shirts.

aeno sm1 steam mop test
You can get into every corner with the flexible hose

AENO includes a total of eight attachments for this. You can clean windows, clean shoes, clean stove tops, and much more. With the help of the matching attachment and the flexible hose, you can even reach places that seemed virtually unreachable with the large cleaning head. The whole thing is particularly cool in combination with the matching aromatic oil, which you can simply drizzle into the cleaning attachment.

Aromatic oil can be added to the cleaning unit

This leaves your entire home smelling wonderfully fresh after cleaning. To make operation with the flexible attachment as convenient as possible, AENO includes a practical shoulder strap in the scope of delivery. This means you can simply hang the SM1 over your shoulder and have both hands free to get into every little corner with the right attachment.

AENO SM1 Steam Mop test: Practical test

Once you have switched on the steam cleaner, it takes just 17 seconds before it is ready for use. However, you should not forget to fill the water tank beforehand. According to AENO, the smart household helper should be able to work continuously for around 38 minutes with a full tank.

aeno sm1 steam mop test

My practical test experience shows that these figures are quite realistic. However, as I did not work on the lowest setting, I can only speculate. The big advantage of the SM1 is that it is capable of emitting steam in any direction. This ensures that you can get into every corner, no matter how small.

Especially in combination with the right attachment, this enables comprehensive cleaning with really impressive results. Even stubborn stains such as dried jam stains quickly became a thing of the past in the test.

aeno sm1 steam mop test

I also used the gadget to clean my mirrors and windows. The results were really very good. The handy steam cleaner is particularly useful in areas where hygienic cleaning is important. In the kitchen, for example. If you want to clean your fridge, for example, or remove deposits from the stove, the SM1 with the appropriate attachment is ideal.

aeno sm1 steam mop test

If possible, you should regulate the temperature of the steam to a maximum of 110°C. This is also ideal for allergy sufferers. After all, the hot steam not only effectively combats bacteria and fungi. Allergens can also be counteracted. Even mites and bed bugs that live in your mattress are no problem for the steam cleaner.


The AENO SM1 Steam Mop offers a really great overall package at an extremely fair price. I was particularly impressed by its versatility during the test. I didn’t know that so many things were possible with a steam cleaner. AENO relies on a handy design and numerous attachments. It also has a modern look paired with great workmanship. What is not modern at all, however, is the power cable.

aeno sm1 steam mop test

A version with a rechargeable battery would have been desirable and would have provided even more ease of use. The same applies to a storage option for the attachments. Apart from that, however, there is not really anything to complain about. Anyone looking for an inexpensive steam cleaner (€ 128.81 * on Amazon) with a wide range of applications should definitely take a closer look at this model.

AENO SM1 Steam Mop

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The AENO SM1 Steam Mop is more than just a steam cleaner. The numerous attachments make it a versatile household helper. If only it weren't for the annoying power cable...

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Steam cleaners not only promise comprehensive cleaning of almost all surfaces. The use of hot steam also effectively kills bacteria and prevents unpleasant odors from developing. However, these household helpers have so far mainly been used on the tiled floor in the bathroom or the couch at home. In the AENO SM1 Steam Mop test, … (Weiterlesen...)

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