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AENO VS2 vacuum sealer test: Helpful kitchen gadget?

A vacuum sealer is an asset to your kitchen in many ways. After all, vacuum-sealing meat, fish and vegetables not only enables a gentle cooking process with delicious results. Vacuum-sealed food also lasts much longer and can be stored in a more space-saving way. In the AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 test, I was able to test a really stylish vacuum sealer. I am now sharing my experiences with you.

Scope of delivery

AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 Test

  • AENO VS2
  • Mains cable
  • 5 x bags (15 x 20 cm)
  • 5 x bags (20 x 30 cm)
  • Container adapter
  • Operating instructions

AENO VS2 vacuum sealer test: design and workmanship

Anyone looking for a vacuum sealer may be a little overwhelmed by the large selection. One characteristic applies to almost every appliance. They are usually quite large in size. This means that they are not inconspicuous kitchen gadgets that you can just leave on the kitchen counter without making your cooking area look untidy.

AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 Test

Fortunately, the AENO VS2 is a different story. With dimensions of just 375 x 70 x 150 mm, this vacuum sealer is pleasantly compact. It also weighs just 937 g. This makes it easy to store even in a cutlery tray. But even if your visitor gets to see the gadget, that’s no problem. This is thanks to the modern look of the VS2.

AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 Test

With its predominantly matt white housing and round shapes, the vacuum sealer is very attractive to look at. The VS2 gets the power it needs for vacuuming from your power socket. A 1.55 m long power cable is available for the connection, which you attach to the appliance. This could have been a little longer so that you could reach sockets that are further away.

AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 Test

In addition to the company logo, the top also features the buttons that are important for operation. On the front, there is an LED strip that informs the user of the current mode. The light bar lights up either red or blue. In addition to the look, I also like the build quality. When using it, you have the feeling that you are holding a high-quality device in your hands.

AENO VS2 vacuum sealer test: Many possible applications

In the past, the process of sealing or vacuuming was used exclusively to preserve food for longer. However, AENO also promotes the VS2 in other ways. According to the manufacturer, the appliance is not only worth using to keep your food fresh for up to 5 times longer. It also simplifies the storage process itself.

AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 Test
Rubber feet on the underside prevent slipping

If you put food in a vacuum bag and then pull out the air, you get a compact package. You can then store this in your fridge to save space. This is particularly suitable for all those who like to prepare their food in large quantities and fill it into practical portions.

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You should also not forget the option of pickling meat. Meat eaters with an eye for quality rarely rely on ready-packed meat from the supermarket. Instead, they want to marinate barbecued food or Christmas roasts in their own personal way. The right marinade is best absorbed into the meat when it is in a vacuum bag.

aeno vacuum sealer vs2 test
Sealed food can be stored in the fridge in a space-saving and odour-proof way

In recent years, the so-called sous-vide cooking method has added another area of application for vacuum sealers. This is a low-cooking method in which sealed food is cooked slowly in a water bath. While meat becomes wonderfully tender, vegetables retain their vitamins thanks to the gentle fermentation process.

AENO VS2 vacuum sealer test: practical test

With a vacuum capacity of 75 kilopascals, the VS2 certainly has a strong performance. And this can also be felt in practice. AENO states that the kitchen helper needs around 10 seconds to completely vacuum a bag. Of course, this is not a blanket statement.

After all, it always depends on how full a vacuum bag is. For example, a vacuum sealer naturally has to pump less air out of the bag if it is already filled with a large piece of meat or lots of vegetables. Although I didn’t time it every time, the VS2 proved to be a fast little helper in the test.

The AENO VS2 creates a weld seam after vacuuming to seal the bag

Vacuum sealing is not only possible in the corresponding bags. You can also use the included adapter to draw the air out of suitable food storage containers. The vacuum sealer is pleasantly quiet in action. It does not get louder than 60 decibels. You have a choice of two modes. You can vacuum dry or moist food.

The vacuum sealer had to flex its muscles with the large piece of cheese. A second attempt was necessary to suck out the last bit of air

The “dry” category includes cookies or slices of bread, for example. You should select the “moist” mode if you want to vacuum seal a marinated steak. You can see which mode is activated on the light bar. Blue stands for moist and red for dry. I tried both modes in the test and was impressed with the results.

aeno vacuum sealer vs2 test
The included adapter can also be used to vacuum seal food storage containers

Every last bit of air was removed from the vacuum bags. I only had to make a second attempt with the large piece of cheese. The appliance then seals the bag and the process is complete. However, if you don’t want the air to be extracted from the bag, you can also just use the sealing function. Thanks to the clearly laid out control panel on the top, everything is self-explanatory.

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Have you always wanted to buy a vacuum sealer? Then the AENO VS2 could be the perfect model for you. In the test, the kitchen gadget not only impressed me with its compact design and powerful vacuum performance. On top of that, it is very easy and self-explanatory to use. The whole thing is topped off with a really fair price (from € 62.90 * at Geizhals).

AENO VS2 Vacuum sealer

Design & workmanship
Value for money


If you are looking for a compact vacuum sealer with good performance, you should definitely take a look at the AENO VS2.

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A vacuum sealer is an asset to your kitchen in many ways. After all, vacuum-sealing meat, fish and vegetables not only enables a gentle cooking process with delicious results. Vacuum-sealed food also lasts much longer and can be stored in a more space-saving way. In the AENO Vacuum Sealer VS2 test, I was able to … (Weiterlesen...)

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