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AENO SM2 test: The all-purpose weapon for your house cleaning

Steam cleaners are a real all-purpose weapon in the household. After all, they can be used to reliably remove more than just stubborn stains. These household helpers also effectively combat bacteria by using high temperatures. In the AENO SM2 test, I was able to try out a gadget that can be used in various scenarios thanks to its numerous attachments.

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aeno sm2 test

AENO SM2 test: design and workmanship

The AENO SM2 is to a certain extent the “sister product” of the AENO SM1(test). And this is noticeable at first glance. After all, the two devices look very similar. At least in terms of the color scheme. Both rely on an elegant matt white tone, which in my opinion is always a good choice for household appliances.

aeno sm2 test

While the choice of color is almost identical, there are differences in the design. This starts with the handle in the upper area. Here I actually prefer the angled version of the SM2. In my opinion, this provides significantly better ergonomics when pushing the household helper around the home.

aeno sm2 test

While the main unit of the SM1 is connected directly to the handle, the SM2 first uses a gray extension rod with a practical cable guide. The 275 ml water tank and the heating unit are located at the end of the rod. At the very bottom you will find the cleaning head, which mops the floor.

aeno sm2 test

What we completely miss on the SM2 is the display, which on the SM1 not only provides information about parameters such as steam temperature. It also serves as a control unit, which can sometimes be a little fiddly. Instead, the SM2 uses a classic button at the bottom of the main unit.

AENO SM2 test: cleaning performance

Before we get down to business, you first have to fill the water tank of the SM2. As we all know, a steam cleaner can’t work without H²O. Unfortunately, the tank cannot be removed. Instead, you have to open the flap on the appliance and then add water. AENO includes a jug-shaped measuring cup for this purpose.

aeno sm2 test

If there is water in the appliance, you can connect it to the socket. Now press and hold the steam button. After just a few seconds, you will hear steam developing. According to AENO, it should take just 15 seconds for the steam cleaner to be ready for use. This is a very realistic figure.

aeno sm2 test

As soon as the household helper has reached its operating temperature, you can choose between three different intensity levels. To do this, simply press the steam button again. The three LEDs indicate which level is currently selected. The AENO SM2 reaches a maximum temperature of 130 degrees. A really good value.

aeno sm2 test

To protect my floor, I opted for the golden mean – level 2 – and that was completely sufficient in the test. I was able to wipe away normal stains with ease. However, a dried ketchup stain that I simulated required more power. But on the third level, the SM2 also managed this after wiping over it several times.

aeno sm2 test

In the test, I cleaned my bathroom tiles and vinyl. Both floors were absolutely no problem for the household helper. It was much more mobile than conventional steam mops. These are usually difficult to glide across the floor. The SM2 is much smoother. Unfortunately, not everything is comfortable when it comes to handling.

AENO SM2 test: ease of use

In addition to cleaning performance, the ease of use of a household appliance is also important to me. After all, keeping your own four walls clean shouldn’t be a chore. The AENO SM2 has both sunny and dark sides in this respect. Let’s start with the positives.

aeno sm2 test
You can wind up the cable on the device

First of all, the SM2 saves a huge amount of time and money. This is simply because you don’t need any cleaning agents. Hot steam is all you need to fight bacteria and mold. It is also extremely easy to use thanks to the one-button operation.

aeno sm2 test

The steam mop is also extremely flexible. As it can be laid flat on the floor, you can even get under flat furniture. It is also extremely light, so you don’t have to worry about heavy arms. But now to the negative aspects. Firstly, there is the water tank. As already mentioned, this cannot be removed.

aeno sm2 test

This is really unusual, as most manufacturers now rely on removable water tanks that are simply held under the tap to fill. But that’s still something you can live with. What personally bothered me much more was the power cable.

The tangle of cables can be really annoying

Of course, I’m aware that the device with an integrated battery would be significantly heavier and not nearly as slim in design. But it just feels old-fashioned to run from socket to socket to power the SM2 in 2024.

AENO SM2 test: lots of accessories

A real reason to buy the AENO SM2 is its versatility. After all, this steam cleaner is not only suitable for floor cleaning. With the included accessories, you can use the household helper for six different types of cleaning.

The floor brush certainly forms the basis, which you can use to remove dirt from your surfaces. However, the manufacturer also includes 2x nylon brushes, a brass brush, a crevice nozzle and a squeegee. You can use the nylon brushes to remove dirt from your upholstery, for example.

aeno sm2 test

The brass brush is perfect for removing burnt-on food from your hob. You can also use the crevice nozzle to ensure clean and bacteria-free joints in your bathroom. The squeegee is also practical. You can use it to easily clean windows and mirrors.


In the test, the AENO SM2 really surprised me in a positive way. Despite its lower price compared to the SM1, I actually find it a tick better. This is not only due to the ergonomic handle. I also found the operation via a classic button more intuitive. The numerous attachments make both steam cleaners a real all-purpose weapon in the household.

aeno sm2 test

Unfortunately, however, the SM2 also shares weak points with the SM1. For example, the mandatory mains cable. Unfortunately, this results in minus points for flexibility. However, a rechargeable battery would probably have made the device considerably thicker and resulted in a significantly higher price. Apart from that, the SM2 is an inexpensive steam cleaner that scores with great cleaning performance. You can currently get it on Amazon for € 119.55 *.

aeno sm2 test


Design & workmanship
Ease of use
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The AENO SM2 is a powerful all-purpose household appliance that unfortunately has some minor weaknesses.

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