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Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung Reviewed

The “Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung” is the luxury version of a wireless charging station. It is quite expensive compared to similar devices from the competition, but promises excellent performance and more safety. The following test will clarify whether all promises can be kept and what the device can actually achieve.

Design and Workmanship

Samsung’s wireless smartphone charger is kept dark. It looks like a black saucer. The loading area is marked by a silver circle. Smartphones can be placed within this circle to be charged wirelessly using Qi technology.

A soft touchpad prevents both scratching and slipping of the charged devices and the charger. The safety of the mobile phone and the charging station is thus guaranteed. In addition, there is an LED light that lights up as soon as the smartphone has been successfully placed.

The external appearance of the charging station is very high-quality. The workmanship is convincing – real weaknesses are not found in the test. The design can be described as slim, unobtrusive and modern. Belkin is committed to ensuring that the charging station can easily adapt to any environment. Since no fan was installed, the charger is absolutely noiseless. So there are no disturbances from him.

belkin F7U014VFSLV Qi WirelessCharging Pad
This product is currently unavailable.


A 15-watt transmitting coil is the heart of the qi-capable charging station. With this power, it makes it possible to charge smartphones much faster than usual. While a conventional wireless charger offers five watts of power and Samsung’s Fast Charge Wireless Pad, designed for fast charging, comes with 9 watts, the Belkin Boost Up offers unsurpassed 15 watts. This represents a clear competitive advantage.

A WPC compliant chipset completes the very good impression of the hardware. It combines several technical functions for even greater efficiency and performance.

Also very positive is the integrated thermal protection sensor, which sets the “Boost Up” apart from other wireless chargers. The protective sensor prevents the device from overheating and thus guarantees the safety of all devices used and of the user. Nevertheless, the smartphone becomes relatively warm when charging.

Performance and Power Consumption

However, the purchasing decision of potential customers is likely to depend primarily on the actual performance of the charger. The test showed this to be very satisfactory. This means that smartphones can actually be fully charged enormously quickly. With thin protective sleeves, smartphones can easily be charged at a speed similar to cable speed. The test shows that charging the device works even with thicker cases, but is much slower. Metal mobile phone cases, which are necessary, for example, to “hang” the mobile phones in the car, are logically also an obstacle for the “boost up” and make charging impossible.

Power consumption is slightly higher than with comparable wireless chargers or when using a normal charger cable due to the higher wattage. However, it moves in areas that an average user should hardly notice.

Conclusion of the Belkin Boost Up Review

The “Boost Up” from Belkin is with a price of about 70 Euro considerably more expensive than comparable chargers. However, it offers the not to be underestimated advantage of significantly faster charging. In addition, it can convince with its unobtrusive design and with some safety factors. Charging devices are even insured up to 2,500 euros.

If you want to buy a really fast and safe solution for the wireless charging of your smartphone, the “Belkin Boost Up” is a good choice.

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad für Samsung

Performance and Power Consumption
Value for Money

An extremely powerful, very secure Qi charger that charges your phone in the twinkling of an eye.

belkin F7U014VFSLV Qi WirelessCharging Pad
This product is currently unavailable.

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