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Bose QuietComfort 35 – Upper Class Headphones Reviewed

This time we’re looking at a higher class Bluetooth headset. Basic Tutorials has reviewed the silver version of the Bose QuietComfort 35. Everything you need to know about the model can be found in our review.

The first impression is that the workmanship of the fiberglass-nylon-mixture is very qualitative and the weight very low. Visually, the Bose headphones come in a simple and beautifully designed design. The packaging is well thought out and the first acoustic test can be carried out after just a few minutes. This is unusual at first, but already gives hope for a sound enjoyment for the next weeks.


Bose is an American company that has been providing hi-fi fans with the necessary change since 1964 with quality sound products. The product range extends from home cinema systems and public address systems to headsets and headphones. Bose has only been present in the latter segment for almost 10 years. We see if the test headphones can deliver what the brand name, which stands for high-end sound quality, promises.

Scope of Delivery

  • SoundLink® around-ear wireless headphones II Audio cable (2.5mm to 3.5mm jack)
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • The compact leather hardcase is worth a plus point. Here the headphones are safer than in comparable “bags”, thanks to the folding & rotating function of the earcups the whole thing is even space-saving.
  • Quick-start guide, which makes it child’s play to get started using pictures and can explain everything in more detail in several languages.
  • mini plug for airplane
  • (There is no socket adapter for ordinary sockets)

Wearing Comfort

The wearing comfort of the Bose QuietComfort 35 is flawless. The headphones are very light. The auricles can be turned approx. 110 degrees forwards and 10 degrees backwards and tilted inwards. The joint is interesting and makes a solid impression. The cable is well integrated, so longevity is likely to be guaranteed. If you want to hear more about the surroundings, you can simply free one ear and place the auricle on the back of your head without slipping. This may sound strange, but I find it very practical. Even if you lie on your headphones, e.g. during a short nap in the bus & train or on the couch, they stay comfortable. The leather upholstery is hardly advertised by the company. They enclose the ears and, although I prefer velour, are very comfortable. In heat and sports the sweat is a bit sticky and in spectacle wearers it squeaks. The ear cushions can be replaced. The missing cable has a positive effect on the wearing comfort. You have more freedom of movement, are not disturbed and can put the device on and off more easily. Of course, size settings can also be made. The Bose headphones also pass the bending test.

QuietComfort 35 stretched, Source: Bose

Bluetooth and NFC

The Bose QuietComfort 35 has voice feedback that simplifies configuration. Battery status, connected device and pairing status are announced at the beginning by a charming lady. The transmission quality via Bluetooth is good – the setting is uncomplicated and fast. Depending on the transmitter, the reception range is not very long, but is sufficient to be able to move within a short radius. But if you want to hear about the PC and walk around the apartment, for example, you will be disappointed. During the test period I had very few dropouts, which could also be due to my smartphone.

The battery life is phenomenal despite the very small weight of the headphones. It is advertised with 20 hours and in reality can also be located here (sometimes even more). With cable connection this time doubles to approx. 40 hours.

The advantages of Bluetooth and NFC are obvious: no annoying cable that has to be ripped apart, gets stuck somewhere or breaks. The range in the outdoor test was about 18 meters with my smartphone (5-10 meters in the house). The NFC works, but I didn’t really need it during the test period.


Two devices can be connected to the headphones at the same time. Switching between them is possible without any problems. Pairing and connecting is running smoothly.

The headset has a switch that lets you turn it on & off and control the Bluetooth search. Additionally there are 3 buttons in the back, below the right auricle, which can be easily felt due to the different size. These can be used to control the volume (louder/lower), pause/play, song playback (forward/back) and calls can be accepted and hung up. The buttons are easy to reach and offer all the controls you need.


The most important thing is of course the sound! The perception of sound can only be subjective. Although the Bose QuietComfort 35 is a comparison for me (as an audio tester) to several other products, everyone has different preferences. That’s why you should just go into the shop and listen to each other, my opinion should not have any claim to absoluteness. The other day I was in a Saturn where all headphones (50+) were connected to a subclass amplifier and therefore all models sounded miserable. One should therefore also think about the area of application before making a purchase. Many smartphones (especially via Bluetooth) cause sound loss.

The sound is harmonious according to its price range and what one is accustomed to from Bose. The sound is very good. The frequencies are well tuned to each other and can be heard comfortably. The bass is not too strong/whummy, like many other headphones. To perfection I lack a little dynamics in the midrange and a more precise bass. The potential volume is more than sufficient. The sound quality only decreases when the volume is set to a high level, which can damage the ears. Once you have listened to this quality league, experience shows that you stay there even though the prices are higher.

The price-performance ratio is therefore to be rated as worthwhile for sound fans and less recommendable for “casual listeners”.

Bose QuietComfort 35 inside
Source: Bose

Noice Cancelling

The Acoustic-Noice-Cancelling (ANC) allows a deeper immersion into the music – therefore also a “better music listening”. The microphones outside create a counter-sound. Without music it almost seems as if you are in negative pressure. After a short period of getting used to it, you don’t take it as negative anymore. Due to this and the filtering one is less distracted and has it calmer. The noise reduction works very well with the Bose QuietComfort 35 and is one of the biggest arguments for the model. Except for high-frequency noises, the ambient acoustics are filtered out with superior ease. The nocturnally drunk train drivers had to make a real effort recently to be heard with their pop songs. Bose sees himself as the inventor and leader of noise cancelling. It’s also really good and reduces stress, but of course you don’t go deaf as soon as you have the headphone on your head.

Unfortunately the function cannot be switched off. This is a pity, because in quieter sections noise creeps into the ears, which could be avoided if necessary.


The microphone is integrated into the ear cups and designed for comfortable phone calls. The quality and especially the noise suppression are outstanding. Although I didn’t speak directly into a microphone during the tests, I was easy to understand. Subway noise and television even remained silent for my conversation partner. You can speak freely at normal volume with both hands free, that’s cool. Noice cancelling is therefore also an innovation for the microphone.  One flaw caused by the ANC, however, is that even when speaking you unfortunately hear yourself worse or distorted, so the conversations seem somewhat unnatural.


The Bose QuietComfort 35 is one of the best everyday headphones on the market. Quality, sound, workmanship, wearing comfort and operation are all above average. In some reviews I read something about scratches, which I did not have despite test product. But as you know, anyone who moans at a high level will always find something to complain about. The non-functioning of the jack cable (for whatever reason), the not included plug (charging station), the comparatively high price, few sound deficits, the leather padding and the missing switch-off function for the ANC are my points of criticism. You have to keep in mind that the price influences all aspects (battery, Bluetooth, ANC, workmanship…) and not only the sound, that’s why there’s still thin air at the top. The headphones could convince and inspire despite these compromises.

Bose QuietComfort 35

Bluetooth and Handling
Noise Cancelling
Accessories and Microphone
Value for Money

The headphones are above average in their disciplines. But how much better is it than cheaper models?

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