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Earfun Air Pro – In-Ears as a bass wonder

After we had a look at the Earfun Air TWS In-Ears in August, we now have an improved version: Earfun has recently introduced the Air Pro In-Ears, which offer significantly more functions than the normal Air – for example, there is now an active noise reduction and a transparency mode.

How Earfun’s Air Pro TWS Earbuds perform in practice for their price of € 34.50 * [test timepoint: 80 €] and how they can stand out from the normal Air-In-Ears is explained in the following test.

Scope of delivery

Earfun offers the usual accessories: The Air Pro is delivered in a charging case, in addition there is a 0.5 meter long USB-C charging cable as well as a total of three sets of silicone caps through which the headphones can be adjusted to your own ears. Finally, there is a short manual explaining the most important functions and operating options.

Design & workmanship

The Earfun Air Pro is based on a striking design: the round body, which is inserted into the ear, has an elongated, angular extension that is mainly noticed when worn. The outer side of this segment is made of dark grey plastic, which houses the Earfun logo. All the rest of the case, on the other hand, is in matt black. The same plastic is also used for the charging case, where the in-ears are normally stored.

The workmanship of the charging case and the headphones is impeccable: the gaps are small and even, the individual case pieces are firmly connected. Optically and haptically, the headphones are flawless.

Recording and playback quality

When it comes to playback quality, the Earfun Air Pros take up exactly where the Earfun Air had a small construction site: On the bass. Even in the 30 hertz range, the in-ears still produce a clearly audible sound, which makes them excellent headphones when it comes to low bass. Matching this, the entire bass range of the headphones is very well done, and also the mid and high frequencies fit. There, the variety of details could still be improved compared to higher priced models, but the sound quality is adequate to the price. Since such in-ears are more likely to be used in noisy environments or in motion anyway, where a strong bass is much more effective than the finest details in the trebles, the sound quality of the Earfun Air Pro is therefore commendable.

The in-ears, on the other hand, are not quite so good at reaching a good verdict on the recording quality: although you can still understand what is being said in conversations, the sound suffers from background noise and slight distortion. Here we would have wished for a higher quality in this price range.

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Practice, battery life & wearing comfort

The Air Pro uses touch controls on both headphones, which can perform various actions by single and multiple taps. This allows you to pause or skip songs, answer and end calls and switch the current operating mode. Available modes are a normal mode, one with noise reduction and one with ambient sound. However, there is no “press and hold” to adjust the volume, so you have to rely on your smartphone for this.

The Earfun Air Pro is easy to use: there is hardly any chance of incorrect input. The in-ears perform slightly better than the normal Earfun Air. The noise suppression and the ambient sound are also good: Given the price, you can’t expect a premium solution for both, but the noise reduction reduces ambient noise a lot and even though the ambient mode is noisy, it is still useful for conversations. The ear recognition, which pauses playback when you remove it, also worked well in our tests.

The only very minor criticism we have of the headphones is on the charging case: Earfun has unfortunately only installed a red LED to visualize the charge level, which flashes one to three times depending on the remaining capacity. This is a bit confusing at first use and needs a bit more attention afterwards than a simple visualization via the color tone.

Directly linked to this is the battery life of the Air Pro, and this is where Earfun is again completely convincing. Our in-ears have not quite achieved the promised nine hours of music playback in practice, but with a good eight hours each, the battery life is still excellent. Together with the charging case we came up with a total playing time of about 26 hours and thus enough for longer trips.

The Air Pro can also convince us to a large extent with the wearing comfort: The concept with a simple silicone cap, which is inserted into the ear without any additional support, is of course not very original, but at least with us the in-ears were comfortable and firm. An additional retention option, as offered by some competitors, would still be a nice extra for a successor.


With the Air Pro, Earfun has once again improved the Air headphones already available: For current € 34.50 * [Testzeitpunk: 80 €] you get in-ears that combine numerous additional functions with a good sound.

Especially positive about this one is the very well realized bass, which is impressive considering the size of the in-ears. Even in the higher frequency ranges the sound quality is at least commensurate with the price, so here the Air Pros are convincing. A shortcoming of the Air Pro, however, is unfortunately the recording quality, because the built-in microphone distorts the voice noticeably: the timbre is changed and the sound also appears distorted.

Features such as noise suppression and ambient recording are also a positive feature, which is very versatile for the price. The implementation of the additional functions does not come close to those of higher priced models, but they are still useful.

The Air Pro scores very positively on battery life, because with around eight hours per charge the in-ears should be able to cope with any daily routine. Together with the charging case, you can use the headphones for several days without charging them.

In view of the still moderate price and the good implementation of the Earfun Air Pro, we can recommend that you buy them, as long as you don’t have to rely on high recording quality. In addition, with the discount code EAPANC20 you can reduce the price by 20 percent by the end of the month – and in the future the price of the in-ears is likely to settle down a little lower than at the start anyway.

With the discount code EAPANC20 you can still save 20% when buying the EarFun Air Pro on Amazon.

Earfun Air Pro

Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


In-Ears with excellent bass but only moderate recording quality.

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