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Ecovacs Goat G1 Test: Revolution of the robotic mower?

Ecovacs plays in the top league in the field of smart household helpers for the interior. The company, which is based in Japan, has already been able to prove this in various tests here. But now the smart home expert wants to leave the living space and conquer the garden. While robotic vacuum cleaners in the home are making huge technical leaps year after year, robotic mowers have been treading water for years. The Goat G1 robotic mower is supposed to be a guarantee for success in this endeavor. It wants to outdo the competition, especially with its cordless design. If the project succeeds, a major revolution in the field of robotic mowers could be in the offing. Whether the plan of the Japanese smart home experts works out, you can read in the Ecovacs Goat G1 test.

Ecovacs wants to revolutionize robotic mowers

In the field of robotic mowers, common robot vacuum manufacturers like Yeedi, Roborock and Ecovacs have not played a role so far. Instead, traditional brands such as Bosch, Husqvarna and Gardena have held their own for years. Ecovacs now wants to change that. As the first established manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners, the company is boldly moving forward to launch its first own robotic mower. The company plans to use the experience it has gained with robotic vacuum cleaners such as the Deebot T10 Plus (test) or the Deebot X1 Omni (test). In particular, the company should have plenty of experience to draw on when it comes to obstacle detection with the help of its in-house AIVI 3D camera.

ecovacs goat g1 test
The package the Goat comes in is huge

In addition to obstacle detection, however, it’s the wireless design that Ecovacs hopes to score points with here. While the use of most of the competition is still accompanied by a rather complicated laying of boundary cables, the Goat G1 is pleasantly modern here. Instead of annoying cables, boundary posts are simply used here. The rest is taken care of by invisible boundaries that you regulate in the app. If the plan works out, Ecovacs could make a real breakthrough here. After all, the use of a robotic mower would then be similarly uncomplicated as with a vacuum robot.

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Technical data

Cutting ranges up to 1,600 m²
Cut width 220 mm
Cut height 3-6 cm
Create borders Wireless
Navigation and localization TrueMapping multi-fusion localization system
Hindrance detection AIVI 3D
Safety system Panoramic camera and fisheye camera
Internet connection WiFi/Bluetooth/mobile module/auto connectivity module
App control Yes
Maximum tilt angle in working area 45 percent
Battery 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery
Protection against water Yes, Goat G1 (IPX6), Station (IPX4) and Navigation Transmitter (IPX6)
Dimensions Goat G1: 650 x 432 x 420 mm
Station: 852 x 460 x 445 mm
Weight Net weight: 13.4 kg
Gross weight of the package: 30.5 kg
Price € 1,399.00 *

Ecovacs Goat G1 review: package contents

When I heard the hand truck in the hallway after the parcel robot rang the bell, I already thought to myself that the Goat G1 does not come in a light and compact package. When I lifted the package, my assumption was confirmed. Thus, the gross weight of the huge package is a proud 30.5 kg. When opening it, it quickly becomes clear why this weighs so many kilograms. After all, the manufacturer is anything but stingy here. Thus, the scope of delivery includes:

  • Ecovacs Goat G1 robotic mower
  • Station for charging and cleaning the robot
  • Transmitter towers for orientation of the Goat G1
  • 9x spare blades
  • Charging cable
  • 6x ground anchors for mounting the station
  • 6x batteries for transmitter masts

This corresponds to the scope of delivery of the standard version of the Ecovacs Goat G1. For our test, however, the manufacturer sent us another package. This contains once again three transmission towers for the operation of the robotic mower. Basically, the two transmission masts can be quite overwhelmed in larger or winding properties. Then more are needed to ensure good orientation. If you want to mow a huge plot, you can use up to ten transmission masts in total thanks to the expansion option. In this way, it should be possible to manage a maximum of 1,600 m².

ecovacs goat g1 test
The scope of delivery fits average-sized gardens. Those who have a large and/or winding garden will need additional equipment.

With the help of an auto-connection module, which is also included, it should still be possible to use the device outside of the range of your WLAN. Here, the connection module acts like a kind of repeater and keeps a connection to the Ecovacs cloud at all times thanks to the SIM card. However, since my lawn area used in the test only measured just under 20 m² and my WLAN network in the garden was good enough, the two masts of the standard scope of delivery were sufficient. Nevertheless, it is commendable that Ecovacs has a suitable solution ready here.

Ecovacs Goat G1 review: classy and modern design

  • Combination of black and white is pretty

The color scheme and cool look ensure that the Goat G1 will be a real eye-catcher in your garden. Once again, Ecovacs proves its mettle here. For one thing, unlike many competing products, the manufacturer doesn’t opt for a green, black or reserved gray hue. Instead, the Goat G1 is hard to miss with its predominantly white casing. However, this is by no means a point of criticism in view of the modern design. To what extent the white surface proves to be a disadvantage in long-term use is again another question.

ecovacs goat g1 test
Together with the charging station, the Goat is a real eye-catcher

Finally, over time, bad weather conditions coupled with the green dye chlorophyll found in turf could cause discoloration here. It is certain that you should wipe the Goat G1 regularly so that it retains its noble appearance. However, a solution could possibly be found over time in the form of suitable stickers for the robotic lawnmower. These are already available for the transmission masts. With the help of the stickers, you can turn the white surface into gray, which primarily ensures that they are more inconspicuous.

ecovacs goat g1 test

In practice, this reinforces the impression of a completely self-sufficient robotic mower. However, the poles are not really invisible either. Should you be bothered by these small poles in the garden, you can’t get around a robot with boundary wires in 2023. Here you simply have to weigh what is more important to you. Personally, at least, the transmission masts didn’t bother me. The station is rather inconspicuous in its appearance. This is true at least in daylight.

ecovacs goat g1 test

When it gets dark, the blue illumination catches the eye. This ensures that the robotic lawnmower can be located perfectly even in darkness. Even if it may look cool, this could well attract thieves. I would have liked to have at least the option to turn off the illumination. However, Ecovacs should certainly be able to fix that in an app update at a later time. Personally, I am a fan of the overall look of the robotic lawnmower. Here, you simply have to give Ecovacs credit for not just copying, but making bold design decisions of their own.

Ecovacs Goat G1 review: usual high build quality

  • Modern color combination of black and white
  • Very high build quality
  • Consists mainly of high quality plastic
  • Four large wheels promise good climbing capabilities

The Goat G1 is not a cheap robotic mower – that much is certain given an MSRP of 1599.00 euros. But the garden helper you can definitely see its price. This is not only due to the cordless concept. The build quality is also on a very high level. If you take a closer look at the device, it quickly becomes clear that Ecovacs does not make any compromises here. Nothing cracks or creaks and everything feels extremely high-quality. The fact that the manufacturer primarily relies on plastic here does not change anything about the positive impression.

ecovacs goat g1 test

Once you take a closer look at the wheels, even the name of the device becomes self-explanatory. Translated into German, Goat is the name of a goat. Experience has shown that goats have good climbing properties, which should also be a feature of the Goat G1. According to Ecovacs, this is due to the four large wheels. The two rear wheels are significantly larger than the front wheels. Together, they should be able to climb slopes of up to 45 percent without any problems. But not only that. On top of that, edges are just as little of a problem as soft ground. That is definitely important in rainy Germany.

Ecovacs Goat G1 test: display on the robotic mower

  • Essential control unit on the robot itself
  • Blades on the bottom could be more robust
  • Conspicuous STOP button ensures immediate end of mowing

If you turn the robotic lawnmower on its back, you see not only the wheels. On top of that, the blades are located here. Three pieces in number sit on a turntable that rotates in use and thus trims the lawn. What the dust bag in the vacuum station is on the Deebot X1 OMNI, the blades are on the Goat G1.

ecovacs goat g1 test

This is because a regular change is due here, so that a clean cut is always ensured. Ecovacs recommends replacement after 80 hours of mowing. Fortunately, the manufacturer includes nine replacement blades, which means you can mow carefree for 320 hours. On closer inspection, the blades look a bit thin and definitely inferior.

ecovacs goat g1 test

For a premium device like the Goat G1, I would have liked to see a higher quality solution. In particular, slightly thicker blades that offer the possibility of re-sharpening would definitely be more sustainable. The robotic lawnmower is primarily operated via the appropriate app. However, the device itself also offers control units.

ecovacs goat g1 test

These become apparent with a look at the top. The most noticeable is the red button for the emergency stop. Once pressed, the Goat G1 immediately ends its mowing tour here. Right next to it is a flap under which you can make various settings. A handy rotary control lets you change the cutting height, for example.

ecovacs goat g1 test

There is also an easily recognizable display with matching control panel under the flap. Furthermore, on the top you will find the camera system, which is used to scan the area. In order to detect obstacles, Ecovacs relies on the AIVI 3D obstacle detection known from the vacuum robots. This also sits here on the front.

Ecovacs Goat G1 test: quick start-up

  • Easy setup
  • Ecovacs includes extension cable
  • Setup first on the robot, then via the app

Anyone who has ever set up a robotic mower knows that it is not only time-consuming. On top of that, it is sometimes tricky to place the required perimeter wire correctly. The setup of the Ecovacs Goat G1 is much faster and easier. After just under half an hour, I, as a layman, was finished and satisfied with the end result.

ecovacs goat g1 test
When setting up the device, the first thing you have to do is set a PIN on the device itself

At the beginning there is the placement of the station. This should only be limited to the back. Here the installation with the house wall in the back offers itself. Otherwise, other objects should be at least two meters away from the station. You connect the station itself with the enclosed power cord to a power outlet.

Luckily, Ecovacs includes a long enough extension cord

Now you can switch on the Goat G1 for the first time. On the robot itself, you now make some settings. You decide on the device language and set a PIN. The latter is mainly used for theft protection and prevents unauthorized third parties from starting the robotic lawnmower.

The white housing may be pretty, but it’s also susceptible to dirt.

During setup, I noticed the responsiveness of the system as well as the good pressure point of the control panel extremely positively. Once you have made the essential settings, you can already pull out your smartphone. After all, Ecovacs naturally relies primarily on operation via the app for its first robotic mower.

Ecovacs Goat G1 review: well-designed app control

  • App offers straightforward step-by-step instructions
  • Number of transmitter masts depends on size and shape of garden

If you’ve ever been in the Ecovacs Home app, you’ll quickly find your way around the Goat G1 as well. With the help of the app, you first tie the robotic mower into your home network. This allows you to control the robot remotely, which is especially handy when you are on vacation or at work. After your robot is in the network, you need to register the transmitters you use.

With the Goat G1, the transmission masts are a replacement for the usual perimeter wire used by robotic mowers.

It’s important that you first register the masts and then distribute them in the garden. After all, they need to be near the robot for the procedure. Step by step, the app now guides you through the setup process. Every single one of them worked without a hitch. This was also ensured by the self-explanatory images and animations that make it clear in the app what needs to be done.

Once you have set up the robotic lawnmower via the app, you are ready for the maiden voyage. However, it is important that the battery is sufficiently charged. Nothing works below 50 percent. Even those who don’t like to mow have to do it themselves before the robot can do its job. If your lawn is longer than 10 cm, you should first trim it yourself, according to Ecovacs. Once these two conditions are met, you’re ready to go.

In the next step you drive the Goat G1 like a remote controlled car through your garden. In doing so, the robot will save the invisible borders. Depending on the lawn area, this can take quite a bit of time.

How many poles you need depends on the size and shape of your lawn. (Image: Ecovacs)

On my fairly small area, however, it was done in just under ten minutes. You can now view the map created during the drive in the app and edit it further as needed.

Ecovacs Goat G1 review: high ease of use

  • Many settings possible via the app
  • Timelines and map editing easily accessible
  • AIVI 3D turns robotic mower into mobile surveillance camera for the garden

Once the device and app are set up and the robotic mower has successfully completed its first run, you can enjoy foolproof operation. However, here you can neither on the robot itself, nor in the app all settings. Instead, it is a mixed control system. In particular, core settings like the cutting height are only possible on the Goat G1 itself.

A mowing schedule can also be set in the app

Here, the robotic lawnmower regularly requests a PIN so that only authorized persons can make the settings. The PIN also ensures security when the robot is restarted or the stop button is pressed. Conversely, you can only set the route including restricted zones of the Goat G1 via app. The majority of the settings definitely take place within the app. Similar to the manufacturer’s vacuum robots, you can also create plans here, for example.

The camera system as a walking surveillance camera for the garden is already cool. Unfortunately, the image quality leaves a lot to be desired.

So the robot always drives at a certain time. Even exotic settings like a so-called animal protection are possible. This prevents driving at night, for example, which is supposed to protect small animals. On top of that, the app scores with practical protection mechanisms. For example, you can have a message sent to you whenever people are within a certain radius of the station.

ecovacs goat g1 test
In the app, you can view the mowing progress


The camera system also ensures safety. Finally, you can also use the camera system of the robotic mower as a practical mobile surveillance camera. You should not expect miracles with the image quality in the app, but the feature is still cool. It is certain that the software is a real hobbyhorse of the Goat G1. The device sets new standards here, which the competition will probably not like.

Ecovac’s Goat G1 test: practical test

After successful setup and a few trips, it’s time for a verdict on the general use of the robotic mower. First of all, it should be said that I had the robot in test use for only one week. Only a long-term test can show whether the quite high expenditure is really worth it. So, if you still have time to wait, you should at best check out opinions on the device again in half a year. However, my practical test should suffice for a first comprehensive impression.

The Goat G1 had no problems whatsoever with my fairly small and flat lawn. At the same time, the practical robot should be able to cope with quite different conditions. Ecovacs speaks of a maximum lawn size of a proud 1,600 m². In one day, the mower is supposed to be able to handle 600 m², which is quite a good value. While driving through my garden, the robotic mower reliably avoided invisible walls and no-go areas that I specified in the app. This is a great way to keep your precious plants from being damaged by the Goat G1.

At the same time, the device always works pleasantly quietly. So you will be able to stay in the garden in spring and summer without any problems, while the robot mows the lawn without being disturbed. The robotic lawnmower also had no problems with roots and small branches. This is where the rather large wheels come into play. Occasionally, however, it was noticed that the robot drove over some sections of the lawn twice.

The brushes in the charging station clean the camera to keep the robot’s orientation constant.

However, this is not a negative issue, as this also happens with comparable models. Otherwise, the device always seemed like it knew where it was. Disorientation was not noticeable. However, I have to complain a bit about the results at the edges. Here, the Goat G1 sometimes leaves behind quite a large strip of unmowed lawn. A little fine-tuning within the app could possibly fix that.


With the Goat G1, Ecovacs celebrates its premiere in the field of robotic lawnmowers. And the entry into this segment succeeds in many respects. The best thing is, of course, the wireless system. This not only ensures that you can use a robotic lawnmower without the annoying distribution of boundary wires. On top of that, it scores with a very easy setup, which significantly lowers the inhibition threshold to buy a robotic mower. Thanks to the self-explanatory Ecovacs app, the operation is no problem even for laymen. Furthermore, you get a high-quality product here that scores with a chic look.

Only small things give reason to complain. For example, the quality of the knives. This means that you often have to look for replacement blades. Otherwise, the accuracy of the mowing result hangs here and there. However, if you use the app, the Goat G1 mows reliably even near the lawn’s edges. All in all, the Goat G1 offers similarly good results as the models with boundary wires. Anyone who wants to do without the annoying cables, wants a high level of operating convenience in the software and has the spare change will find the perfect cordless alternative here.


Design & workmanship
Value for money


Ecovacs has successfully entered the robotic mower segment. Its cordless concept is a complete success.

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