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RoboUP T1200 Pro Review: An expensive highlight?

With the Roboup T1000 (Review), we were able to take a closer look at a robotic mower a good year ago, which, thanks to modern navigation technology, worked well even without the time-consuming and annoying laying of boundary wires. Only here and there were problems with the GPS signal. The manufacturer claims to have solved this problem with the Roboup T1200 Pro. The latest model also promises better obstacle detection and more area to be mowed. Find out what’s behind the promises in the Roboup T1200 Pro test.

Technical data

Lawn area up to 1,200 m²
max. gradient up to 45 degrees
Dimensions and weight 62.0 x 44.5 x 25.0 cm and 10.9 kg
App availability iOS and Android
Navigation DEPS (Dynamic Exact Positioning System)
Obstacle detection Ultrasonic sensor and AI camera
Rechargeable battery – Runtime up to 100 minutes
– Charging time with quick charge 70 minutes
Noise level 56 dB
Price € 1,799.00 * (-15% discount code until 6.7.24: RoboUPPR85)

Scope of delivery

roboup t1200 pro test

  • RoboUP T1200 Pro robotic lawnmower
  • Charging station
  • Power supply
  • RTK receiver
  • Extension cable for power connection
  • Extension cable for RTK connection
  • User manual

RoboUP T1200 Pro Test: Design and workmanship

The T1200 Pro is visually very similar to the T1000 I have already tested. Although our test model shines in grey, the robotic lawnmower is also available in red. The display and rudimentary control unit are not the only features on the top.

roboup t1200 pro test

On top of this, a large red stop button enables the robotic lawnmower to perform an emergency stop. There is also a rain sensor on the top. There are also ultrasonic sensors on the side, which are used for obstacle detection.

roboup t1200 pro test

The front stands out with its two cameras and two LED headlights. On the left-hand side is an AI camera, which is designed to detect and avoid objects. The VSLAM camera next to it, on the other hand, explores the boundaries of the terrain to be mowed.

roboup t1200 pro test

If you turn the robot mower around, you can see the mowing unit. Unlike an Ecovacs Goat G1 (Review), for example, Roboup does not position the blades in the middle, but rather towards the edge. This should ensure that the T1200 Pro leaves as little unmown lawn as possible around the edges.

roboup t1200 pro test

We will see whether this works in the practical test. All in all, the robotic lawnmower scores points above all with its relatively low weight of just 10.9 kg. This means that it can be easily carried from A to B in separate sections of lawn.

roboup t1200 pro test

Apart from this, weather protection to IPX6 standard ensures that the hardware is protected even in the rain. In terms of workmanship and design, the robotic lawnmower leaves me with hardly any reason to complain.

If it weren’t for the high price. In view of the premium price, Roboup could have drawn a little more on the quality of workmanship. The somewhat thin-walled plastic housing in particular does not do it justice.

RoboUP T1200 Pro test: Getting started

A huge advantage of robotic lawn mowers without a boundary wire is that they are very easy to set up. This is once again the case with the Roboup T1200 Pro. First, find a suitable place for the charging station. Here you should make sure that there is enough space to the left and right of it. Otherwise, the Robo could have problems parking.

roboup t1200 pro test

Once you have found the right place, attach the station using the ground anchors provided. Now connect the station to the power supply and find a suitable location for the RTK receiver. If possible, it should not be under a tree and should be a little away from buildings. This will ensure reliable GPS reception.

roboup t1200 pro test
RTK receiver

The robot is now ready for use. As with a modern robot vacuum, you first need to create a map of the working area for the T1200 Pro. You can choose between automatic or manual mapping. You can start automatic mapping via the control panel on the robotic lawnmower itself or via the app.

Here, the mower automatically recognizes the boundaries of the lawn and creates a map of the working zone on its own. However, if you have a lawn with a complex shape, it is better to use manual mapping. Here you steer the T1200 Pro through your garden like a remote-controlled car. You drive the boundaries yourself.

roboup t1200 pro test

Regardless of which method you choose, you can then access a map in the app. You can save up to ten different work zones. In the test, I had one area mapped automatically and another mapped manually. Both worked quite well, although the manual method is preferable, especially for more complex garden shapes.

RoboUP T1200 Pro test: App operation

As already mentioned, you can control the robotic lawnmower yourself using the control unit on the display. However, in this case you miss out on many different setting options. Setup is completed quickly. To begin with, you first connect to the robotic lawnmower and then transfer it to your Wi-Fi network.

roboup t1200 pro test

You can then edit the map in the app. For example, you can add obstacles manually and avoid the risk of the robotic lawnmower overlooking your beloved rose bed. You can also set a mowing schedule. Here you determine the times at which the T1200 Pro should mow your lawn.

You will also find setting options such as the mowing height. You can set this between 30 and 60 mm. In the test, I didn’t miss any options in the app. Many different details can be set for the smart garden helper. The operation and overview are also good, so that even beginners will find their way around.

RoboUP T1200 Pro test: Navigation and sensors

The manufacturer uses modern sensors to ensure that the Roboup T1200 Pro finds its way around your green oasis. Let’s start with the side ultrasonic sensors. These are designed to avoid collisions with flower pots, small walls or other obstacles in the garden.

roboup t1200 pro test

However, the technology at the front is much more exciting. There are two cameras here that are used for obstacle detection. On the one hand, there is an AI camera that uses artificial intelligence to protect objects and, above all, living creatures in the garden.

The AI camera performed convincingly in the test. From the soccer to the lawn sprinkler to the garden hose, the robot recognized pretty much every obstacle I put in its way. What really impressed me, however, was the fact that it did not classify areas with tall grass as obstacles.

This clearly shows the importance of AI evaluation in conjunction with the camera. The VSLAM camera is located next to the AI camera. This in turn helps the robotic lawnmower to recognize the boundaries of the lawn. Overall, the T1200 Pro makes an excellent impression when it comes to navigation and obstacle detection.

I have the impression that the manufacturer has actually kept its promise here and made further improvements compared to its predecessor. This applies in particular to GPS reception. In the test of the T1000, I noticed a few shortcomings in this respect.

Instead, there were hardly any connection problems with the T1200 Pro. However, if it does have problems with the GPS, this is not an obstacle. It automatically returns to its charging station so that it can position itself correctly again. This is a simple and ingenious trick. Other models simply stop here.

RoboUP T1200 Pro test: Practical test

The robot made a very good impression in the mowing test. You can choose between different cutting heights of at least 30 and a maximum of 60 mm. And that’s not all. You can also adjust the mowing angle. Professionals who love lawn care can really let off steam here.

When mowing, the T1200 Pro scores with a really impressive cutting pattern. The robotic lawnmower cuts straight paths so that you can conjure up a real stadium lawn in your garden. The largely positive picture is only marred by the fact that strips are occasionally left out.

roboup t1200 pro test

To avoid this, you should simply let the smart garden helper drive through your garden in a checkerboard pattern. Then it will catch pretty much every blade of grass. I also like the cutting pattern around the edges. This is mainly due to the fact that Roboup does not place the mowing unit in the middle, but offset.

RoboUP T1200 Pro test: Battery

As the name suggests, you can mow lawns of up to 1,200 m² with the Roboup T1200 Pro. This means it can handle 200 m² more than the T1000.

roboup t1200 pro test
There are two practical LED lights for use at dusk or at night

It also has a battery life of up to 100 minutes. Once the battery is empty, you don’t have to put up with long charging times thanks to the quick-charging function. After just 70 minutes, it is fully charged again.


The Roboup T1000 already made a good impression in the test. But in my opinion, the Roboup T1200 Pro represents another significant improvement. And in several respects. Not only can you mow larger lawns with the new robotic lawnmower. The manufacturer has also noticeably improved navigation and object recognition. Apart from this, the smart garden helper delivers a great cutting pattern and uncomplicated operation thanks to a clear app and the absence of boundary wires.

roboup t1200 pro test

But there is one fly in the ointment. And that is unfortunately the price. At currently € 1,799.00 * on Amazon, the Roboup T1200 Pro is anything but inexpensive. In view of the high price, I would have preferred a slightly higher quality of workmanship. However, the plastic housing of the robot is somewhat susceptible to scratches, which I noticed after just two days of trying it out. However, if you are convinced by the great technology, this certainly won’t bother you.

RoboUP T1200 Pro

Design and workmanship
Ease of use
Value for money


The RoboUP T1200 Pro is a good robotic lawnmower. Unfortunately, the high price is a little off-putting.

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